Posted by: bkivey | 10 January 2010


Over the years I have tried different home pizza recipes. For a long while I went the English Muffin route but I have discovered a much better way to go.

Pita bread.

Pita bread gives a very credible imitation of thin-crust pizza and works much the same way regular pizza dough does. So while the NFL playoffs are in full swing you may want to consider:

Package of pita bread. Usually about 8 pieces.

Preheat the oven to 425 degrees F. Turn the oven on while you prepare the rest of the pizza and you will be OK.


You can use tomato sauce jazzed up with Italian spices like oregeno and basil. I throw some hot sauce in to make it a little spicier. You can also make a simple pesto (basil , garlic, and olive oil will do the job although most recipes call for some sort of nut such as pine or walnut. ) if you want something a bit different.  A ladle works really well to spread the sauce. I have never worked in a pizza place but I have seen enough made to know that a ladle is the way to go.


Whatever you want. Keep in mind that the more ingredients the longer the baking time. If you are using a pesto then you are probably going to use ingredients like artichoke hearts and onions and feta cheese. Pizzas are pretty free range.


Ah, the cheese. I usually grate whatever cheese I have on hand, keeping in mind that white cheese works much better than , say , orange. This is a personal preference and you can put whatever cheese you like. As I said, pizzas are pretty much a free-for-all.


Once the pie is made then there is nothing for it but to slam it in the oven. I happen to use a dedicated pizza tray but a cookie sheet will work just fine. Cook for about 12 – 15 minutes.


Slide the pizza onto a cutting board and slice. You can use a kitchen knife but a pizza wheel will work great and they are inexpensive. Figure on one pita bread pizza per person if there are no other refreshments and maybe half a pizza per person if there are chips and dip about.

Prep Time:

If you use pre-cut ingredients you will probably be able to pull the whole thing off in about 25 minutes. If you have to prep the ingredients it will probably take about 35 minutes. Either way, you will be very popular with the crowd when you deliver the goods.




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