Posted by: bkivey | 22 January 2010

Talkin’ ’bout that Springer nation . . .

I’m fairly certain that I am not the only person dismayed by what can only be called a lack of manners by some folks who seem to have the idea that public spaces are one giant Jerry Springer set; a place where anything goes as long as the person acting out feels validated. This thought occurred to me while sitting on public transit and listening to a couple have what can best be described as a very personal conversation in a normal conversational tone.

Apparently the couple was going through some very difficult times in their relationship: the guy accusing the girl of cheating on him; the girl trying to allay his fears (although from the conversation I would lay even odds that she was cheating). This little drama took place for all to hear in a very public settting. It was embarrassing.

Now, most people have had similiar conversations in their relationships, and most people have the good sense to have these conversations in private, because most people don’t want their dirty laundry aired. But I guess if you grow up on a steady diet of sensationalism on TV and can’t tell the difference between TV and reality, then you are going to do things like those folks.

So while I’m invountarily listening to these people several thoughts occur to me:

  1. The conversation was started by the guy. Did it not occur to him that maybe a public space was not the best place to be having this little dialogue?
  2. Did he have so little respect for his girlfriend that he didn’t care who knew their business?
  3. Did the girl have so little respect for herself that she didn’t care that her boyfriend was publically embarrassing her? Did she even realize that that’s what was happening?

I suppose this is a manifestation of what happens when children grow up in an environment where they are taught that their feelings are all that is important. Another word for it is immaturity, and they can vote.

The worst pun of the day

Many moons ago when I was mastering the intricacies of trigonometry, I had an idea for a TV show about a math teacher that works in an inner city school and uses math, specifically geometry and trig, to motivate and inspire urban youths. The name of the show would  be, naturally, Touched By An Angle.


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