Posted by: bkivey | 2 February 2010

Milwaukie Inn Reviews

A little something different today. While doing some research I happened upon this webpage with reviews of a local motel. All of the reviews are written by folks from various places around the world. I’m not sure if the reviews were written in their native languages and run through a translation program or if these are the unadulterated posts. If they are the result of a translation program I am suitably embarrassed, as I have used such programs to write short notes and letters with no way to check their accuracy.

I am including these reviews not to make fun of the writers: I am sure that they are all much more accomplished in English than I am in their native tongues,but I was struck by the vocabulary, phrasing, and choice of subjects. Remember, the reviews are all about the same property. This collection of posts gives insight into how different people think about the same circumstances. And whatever the quirks of language, the salient points are made, which is much more than I could do in French, Arabic, Sinhala, or Tswana.


Name:: Kaden

Location: Chad, Bongor

Age: >60

I usually travel for: Relax


Chad, Bongor

A good few of my acknowledgements to all Milwaukie Inn personnel for contributing dreamed vacation. At the same time the pleasure-dome’s hall has been unimpressive. The acsensor definitely had seen better days. My brother and I were pitched to the apartment in the carcase to the right from the vestibule. The mat and decorations happened to be actually threadbare. The apartment was found acceptable, but the carpet was found really asmeared. The tourist court turned out to be not much cheaper than in yonder tourist court. I find no root to recommend Milwaukie Inn to sightseers.


Name:: Robert

Location: Bahamas, Rock Sound

Age: >60

I usually travel for: Fun


Bahamas, Rock Sound

Judging by the majority of informations found on the Internet, Milwaukie Inn is supposed to be an extremely pleasing mountain holiday centre. However, my relatives would be disillusioned having purchased the vacation in this holiday centre. Travellers might become turned off the moment they step into those old accommodations which smell rot. Nevertheless, the mentioned thing would not mean that all other informations would be not true, they would be merely old. My relatives got acquainted with a man who purchased a similar room in Milwaukie Inn seven summers before and he would be totally satisfied.


Name:: Jada

Location: Benin, Save

Age: 40-44

I usually travel for: Sightseeing


Benin, Save

People cannot consider that my dad is extremely demanding. And still, when tourists are on a holiday, tourists desire to be comfortable. For what kind of ungraspable reason might travellers clean the chambers in a holiday centre? Readers can be surprised? Definitely, though this is the very thing tourists had to do in Milwaukie Inn while they want to sleep in a tidy place. On checking in there the tourists might realize that the apartments are as if they have never been cleaned. Ah, the most interesting fact will be that the vestibule of Milwaukie Inn will be extraordinarily spacious, neat as well as glossy. I agree, it should be understandable that the basic impression has to be pleasurable, but not only the first feeling constitutes a vacation, the overall feeling will be much more vital in the end. Mine would be that Milwaukie Inn is not standard.


Name:: Owen

Location: Sri Lanka, Muscat – Al Khuwair

Age: 50-54

I usually travel for: Sightseeing


Sri Lanka, Muscat – Al Khuwair

Milwaukie Inn would be perfect for celibatarians. The personnel of the mentioned public house (with the exception of the manager) must be exclusively female. And the host who employed those girlies must be an authentic beauty admirer. The chicks working in Milwaukie Inn must all be top models, and remember that their cloth would be extremely cool. Simply don’t get me wrong, the argued employees would not yet be prostitutes, travellers must be obliged to forget about undertaking to seduce any of them, nonetheless it would always be great to contemplate beautiful smarties serving you, wouldn’t visitors agree? smile I must especially emphasize the massage therapists. The sensation when a beautiful doll with extraordinarily strong forearms is massaging your muscles cannot have the opportunity to be compared to any different sensation in the world! And all that thrill for approximately twenty clackers! People, whenever you must be truthful machos, your journey should lead to Milwaukie Inn!


Name:: Sophia

Location: Botswana, Gaborone Sir Seretse Khama – International Airport

Age: >60

I usually travel for: Getaway


Botswana, Gaborone Sir Seretse Khama – International Airport

Milwaukie Inn might be relatively regular, however I admired their restaurant. The cuisine could be delicious and healthy, the waiters should be attentive and friendly, the atmosphere could be relaxed. Still, the sound must be their best issue. In Milwaukie Inn my friends could hear the best music in their lives. I reckon those singers could be definite stars! Music addicts should consider preferring the mentioned holiday centre.


Name:: Carter

Location: Mauritius, Le Morne

Age: 35-39

I usually travel for: Dating


Mauritius, Le Morne

Visitors, in case some of you still own the eyes to comprehend the opinion I could write in this chat, listen to me, don’t choose Milwaukie Inn!!! The administration are evil robbers! Several weeks before your family would be going back, those vultures should get to your father informing that your deal could cost one thousand dollars more than it should be worth at the beginning. The staff will also threaten your buddies that in case you decline compensate the mentioned bill, travelers will not abandon of the holiday centre! This must be a true robbery! People are offered no other choice but to waste credits… Moreover, believing many travellers, this was not the first time such incidents are reported in Milwaukie Inn! Having said that, I will only write that the services are overrated. Would people still be eager to experience it? ;-)))

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