Posted by: bkivey | 28 February 2010

Where the @#%$ is Sochi?

Because this is the last day of the Winter Olympics I was motivated to find out where the next contest will be held. I was surprised to find that the city of Sochi, Russia, has won the honors. I had never heard of the place so I looked it up. It turns out that Sochi is located on the Black Sea. Now, one of the few things I know about Russia is that the Black Sea is a popular warm-weather resort area; not the sort of place that screams “Winter Sports!”. Just for fun I looked up the current weather conditions for Sochi for today, the last day of the Winter Games.

The weather in Sochi is remarkably similar to the weather where I live in the Portland, OR metro area. The high today was 46F and the rest of the week is calling for highs in the upper 50’s and lows in the low 40’s, which is pretty much what our weather is. This is not exactly what most folks think of as ‘winter weather’. In fact, the city’s Wikipedia entry notes that the city supports several types of palm trees and photos of the city do indeed show palm trees. This might be the first Winter Olympics to include images of subtropical vegetation during the TV broadcast.

In fairness, the sliding sports are to be held in the mountains about 25 miles from the city proper where there are some ski runs. It just seems odd that a Winter Games is to be held in one of the warmest parts of Russia.


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