Posted by: bkivey | 11 April 2010


The Hell of the North. The Queen of the Classics. As one of the ‘monuments’ of cycling, Paris – Roubaix is on the short list of races that every pro wants to ride; to win it assures cycling immortality, and one of the coolest trophys in the sport.

Fabian Cancellera, aka ‘Spartacus’, won the  most recent edition of the race, in what is becoming a standard M.O. for him: get in the lead group, gauge the leaders, then go for a solo breakaway. He did it last week to win the Tour of Flanders, and this week he waited for Tom Boonen to go to the rear of the lead group before launching his breakaway effort with 48k to go. Because no one in the group would work with Boonen, Cancellera was able to extend his lead to over three minutes, finally winning with over two minutes in hand.

After watching this guy win the coveted ‘double’ of the Tour of Flanders and Paris – Roubaix, it is apparent that he is the strongest rider in the peloton. If the rest of his season goes like this, I hope that he comes up with a better victory salute, because he’s sure going to have a lot of opportunity to practice it.  

Word Watch

The word for today  is ‘cracker’. No, not that meaning. Not that one, either. Apparently in the British lexicon ‘cracker’ has the same meaning as ‘hacker’ does in the U.S. I don’t know if the word is derived from ‘safecracker’ or if the Brits just wanted to be different. Another example of how the two countries are separated by a common language.


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