Posted by: bkivey | 16 April 2010

Name Change

I’ve changed the name of the blog because there are any number of blogs called ‘Blair’s Blog’, and I don’t want someone else’s incisive commentary to be confused with my own poor efforts. So I’ll try this name for a while and see how it wears.

About the name.

The problem with naming a blog is that with tens of millions of blogs populating cyberspace all of the cool and clever names have been taken, in some cases multiple times.  I was staring at my office bookcase while ruminating on name candidates when a math text caught my eye. The text from my Topology class is called ‘Fixed Points’ and refers to the extremely useful mathematical concept of a point that is mapped to itself by a function. In other words, the point at which f(x) = x. This concept is used widely in many areas of mathematics including game theory and economics.

More to the point in terms of blogging, I think that every person’s personality should have ‘fixed points’; core beliefs that inform their points of view. This is not the same as ‘closed minded’. The best way I can describe this is from a family vacation we took to North Carolina’s Outer Banks, a  part of the world that  is regularly subjected to hurricanes in the summer and intense nor’easters in the winter. Most of the islands are about four feet above sea level, so you might wonder why they don’t just wash away. We visited a museum with a fascinating series of maps that showed the shape of the island we were on (Ocracoke) over a period of 150 years. You could see that while the perimeter of the island changed drastically, especially after a major storm, the central core of the island was unchanged. This is why the permanent residents build their houses in the middle of the island.

So it is with people. I am open to new points of view with compelling evidence and have changed my mind about some things that I used to scoff at, like the difference between sex and gender and global climate change, but my core beliefs, beliefs that are informed by a knowledge of history and human behaviour, are essentially unchanged. So it is from this perspective that I write.

And the name is sort of catchy, isn’t it?


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