Posted by: bkivey | 21 April 2010

“And Now For Something Completely Different . . .”

Like most people, I’m a sucker for lists. 10 this, that or the other, 25 best places to live, 50 ways to leave your lover, we all want to see what others think about stuff we’re interested in, secretly hoping that their opinions agree with ours. People have made careers off of this. So after lurking on other list sites I’ve decided to start throwing in a few lists of my own.

For the first list I’m going to fly the geek flag while combining two interests of mine, business and science-fiction. I’ll probably submit any lists I do to dedicated list sites, but I think that they should get first exposure on my own blog.

Ten Companies From Science Fiction

 Here are ten companies from science-fiction. The selection criteria were that they had to come from significant works of science fiction, have a major presence in the work in which they were introduced, and have a recognized corporate identity, or logo. Sorry, Trade Federation and General Products.

Ranked in reverse order of annual sales:


Weyland – Yutani


‘Alien’ franchise

Originally Weylan-Yutani, this conglomerate was formed by a merger of Weyland Industries and Yutani Corp. in 2030 and specializes in administering extra-solar colonies as well as manufacturing a variety of consumer goods. Known as “The Company” to employees, is also involved in obtaining and reverse-engineering alien technology.

Cyberdyne Systems


‘Terminator’ franchise

Headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA, Cyberdyne is a major contractor for the U.S. Government in aerospace and defense. The company has become active in cybernetic development and advanced robotic technology.Sales of $5.5 billion landed Cyberdyne at No. 20 on Forbes 2007 Top 25 list.

Omni Consumer Products


‘Robocop’ franchise

A true mega corporation, OCP has had interests in everything from consumer products to large institutional concerns such as hospitals, prisons, and space exploration.Although hugely successful , OCP suffered several setbacks when it was bought by the Japanese zaibatsu Kanemitsu and was later forced into bankruptcy.More recently, OCP had been making inroads in the cybernetics industry.

 Stark Industries 

‘Iron Man’ franchise

Recently changing its name to Stark Enterprises, this New York, New York based company was in the forefront of developing and manufacturing advanced weapons systems for the U.S. Government. CEO Tony Stark has divested the company of its defense holdings and is rumored to be investing in cybernetics and human augmentation technology.In 2007 Forbes magazine ranked Stark at #16 with sales of $20.3 billion.

Tyrell Corporation


‘Bladerunner’ movie

Founded by Dr. Eldon Tyrell and based in Los Angeles, CA, Tyrell Corporation manufactures highly-advanced androids, or replicants, for off-world work deemed unsuitable for humans.Tyrell Corporation came in at #10 on Forbes 2007 Top 25 with sales of $59.4 billion.

Soylent Corporation


‘Soylent Green’ movie

Based in New York, NY, the Soylent Corporation is the exclusive provider of U.S. Government food rations and enjoys annual sales of $157.1 billion, giving it a Forbes 2007 Top 25 ranking of #6.The company says that it’s most popular product, Soylent Green, is manufactured from ‘high-energy plankton’, although other sources argue that the company’s logo is more descriptive.


‘Westworld’ movie 

At one time the world’s largest company, Delos concentrates primarily on entertainment and amusement parks. The company has been under investigation as a result of rumors of irregularities at Westworld, one of its most popular theme parks. Thus far, no witnesses have come forward.

 Edgars Industries 

‘Babylon 5’ franchise

Founded and wholly owned by William Edgars, Edgars Industries is the fourth-largest company in the Earth Alliance, the largest pharmaceutical producer on Mars, and has significant chemical and biological weapons contracts with Earthforce.The company had a rocky year in 2261 when William Edgars was murdered and ownership of his company passed to his wife, Lise Edgars. She later married Michael Garibaldi, who took over as COO in late 2262.

 Blue Sun


‘Firefly’ franchise

The largest corporation in the Alliance, Blue Sun’s core businesses are consumer goods, food packaging and distribution, and various service industries.In recent years they have branched into communications, transportation, and biotech.


Combine Honnete Ober Advancer Mercantiles

‘Dune’ franchise

With a monopoly on the spice that is vital to interstellar trade, CHOAM enjoys sales of $1.7 trillion annually and the #1 spot on Forbes 2007 Top 25 list.CEO Shaddam Corrino IV was ousted in a hostile takeover by current CEO Paul Atreides of House Atreides. 

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