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Eight Unusual High IQ Societies

Following on from the post on high IQ societies is this list of societies with a specific focus. The successful candidates for these organizations must often display a talent for something other than taking intelligence tests, usually in the creative arts.

As before, qualifying scores are from the SB-5 test (s.d. 16), society descriptions are from the respective websites, and links open in a new window. Societies are listed in reverse order of exclusivity.


IQ 132+

No membership fee.

Mysterium is not just another high IQ society. Mysterium is not something you join, receive a certificate to hang on the wall, then vegetate. Mysterium is not for the “average genius” with a pocket full of ideals and nothing to show for it. Mysterium is beyond outer space, inner space, and cyberspace. Mysterium is a nurturing, stimulating, and inspiring “growth link” to human creativity, ingenuity, and originality that is undergirded by experience and productivity.


IQ 137+

No membership fee.

Chorium was founded to promote intellectual engagement among musicians. It is free to join the community although membership is restricted to the the top 1% of the population. Prospective members have to complete a two part test which explores Classical and Musical I.Q.

Poetic Genius Society

IQ 141+

No membership fee.

The Poetic Genius Society is composed of intellectually gifted individuals with a passion for poetry. They are the creative artists of our time, whose literary output interprets the heritage of the past and the urgent now.

Founded by Dr. Greg Grove in 1998, our fellowship of poets has been a thriving haven for aspiring artists in the High IQ community. Although our ranks are extremely diverse, we share a common bond in our love for all things poetic.

Genius Society

IQ 146+

No membership fee.

The Genius Society is a worldwide high IQ society, founded in January 2004, with the purpose of bringing together qualified members at the 99.9th percentile in intelligence. As we need a measure of creativity, in addition to a High IQ, membership will be open only to individuals who are engaged in scientific research as demonstrated by peer-reviewed publications. The Genius Society aims to foster communication, friendship and cultural exchange among its members.

Artifex Mens Congregatio

IQ 148+

No membership fee.

The Artifex Mens Congregatio ( Artistic Minds Society ) was founded in 2006 by Robert Mestre, Walter VanHuissteden and Fivos Drymiotis in an effort to create a forum bringing together in friendship and community artistic individuals from all over the globe. We would like to attract members interested in philosophy, science, poetry, art and puzzle design.

International Society for Philosophical Inquiry

IQ 149+

Test fee: $15.00 USD    Admission fee: $21.00 USD    Annual membership fee: $50.00 USD

The modern equivalent to institutes for advanced studies and research of antiquity, with some of the features of the seventeenth and eighteenth century scientific and philosophical societies, is the International Society for Philosophical Enquiry. The Society was founded as “The Thousand” in 1974 and today has some 600 members in thirty-three countries and territories.

The Society accepts standardized test scores or designated unsupervised tests for entrance. Qualification for entrance is based upon present intellectual merit, rather than one’s reputation for accomplishment in the past or past academic achievements. Once in the Society, the member is encouraged to apply for promotion based upon contemporary personal achievement and contributions to the general welfare of society. Correspondence among members and publication in the Society’s journal, Telicom, are encouraged and rewarded.

Ludomind Society

IQ 150+

No membership fee but must submit two original puzzles.

Ludomind was founded in 1999 by Albert Frank. In 2003, it became an International Society, (re)founded by Peter Bentley and Albert Frank. The goal of the society is – without any exception – to present BEAUTIFUL puzzles. The members must of course specify if they are the author of the puzzle, or give the origin. A puzzle may never come from a (active or inactive) test. Besides, the puzzles may not be cultural, may not be related to a language (some members don’t speak English), and must not need high academic knowledge. 

ISI – Society

IQ 151+

No admission fee.

ISI-S was founded with the aim of bringing together intelligent individuals who also value creativity. The intention of the society is not to limit membership to individuals with only a high IQ, because IQ in itself is not a sufficient indicator of creativity. However, the only practical, objective and fair way we can discriminate at this level is to use high range or other IQ tests as tools for admission.



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