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Here Men From the Planet Earth. .

102:41:51 Armstrong (on-board): Okay. 5000 (feet altitude). 100 feet per second (descent rate) is good. Going to check my attitude control. Attitude control is good

102:41:51 Duke: Eagle, you’re looking great. Coming up 9 minutes. (Pause)

102:42:05 Armstrong: Manual attitude control is good.

102:42:08 Duke: Roger. Copy. (Pause) Eagle, Houston. You’re Go for landing. Over.

102:42:13 Armstrong (on-board): Okay. 3000 at 70.

102:42:17 Aldrin: Roger. Understand. Go for landing. 3000 feet.

102:42:19 Duke: Copy.

102:42:19 Aldrin: Program Alarm. (Pause) 1201

102:42:24 Armstrong: 1201. (Pause) (On-board) Okay, 2000 at 50.

102:42:25 Duke: Roger. 1201 alarm. (Pause) We’re Go. Same type. We’re Go.

102:42:34 Aldrin: Into the AGS, 47 degrees.

102:42:35 Duke: Roger.

102:42:37 Armstrong (on-board): (Confirming Buzz’s LPD readout) 47. That’s not a bad looking area. (Garbled) Okay. (Pause) 1000 at 30 is good. What’s LPD?

102:42:41 Duke: Eagle, looking great. You’re Go. (Long Pause) Roger. 1202. We copy it.

102:43:01 Aldrin: 35 degrees. 35 degrees. 750. Coming down at 23 (feet per second).

102:43:07 Armstrong (on-board): Okay.

102:43:07 Aldrin: 700 feet, 21 (feet per second) down, 33 degrees.

102:43:10 Armstrong (on-board): Pretty rocky area.

102:43:11 Aldrin: 600 feet, down at 19.

102:43:15 Armstrong (on-board): I’m going to…

102:43:16 Aldrin: 540 feet, down at…(LPD angle is) 30. Down at 15. (Pause)

102:43:26 Aldrin: Okay, 400 feet, down at 9 (feet per second). 58 (feet per second) forward.

102:43:32 Armstrong (on-board): No problem.

102:43:33 Aldrin: 350 feet, down at 4.

102:43:35 Aldrin: 330, three and a half down. (Pause)

102:43:42 Aldrin: Okay, you’re pegged on horizontal velocity.

102:43:46 Aldrin: 300 feet (altitude), down 3 1/2 (feet per second), 47 (feet per second) forward. Slow it up.

102:43:58 Armstrong: Okay, how’s the fuel?

102:44:00 Aldrin: Eight percent.

102:44:07 Aldrin: 250 (feet altitude), down at 2 1/2, 19 forward. (Pause)

102:44:13 Aldrin: Altitude (and) velocity lights (on).

102:44:16 Aldrin: 3 1/2 down, 220 feet, 13 forward. (Pause)

102:44:23 Aldrin: 11 forward. Coming down nicely.

102:44:25 Armstrong (on-board): Gonna be right over that crater.

102:44:24 Aldrin: 200 feet, 4 1/2 down.

102:44:26 Aldrin: 5 1/2 down.

102:44:29 Armstrong (on-board): I got a good spot (garbled).

102:44:31 Aldrin: 160 feet, 6 1/2 down.

102:44:33 Aldrin: 5 1/2 down, 9 forward. You’re looking good.

102:44:40 Aldrin: 120 feet.

102:44:45 Aldrin: 100 feet, 3 1/2 down, 9 forward. Five percent (fuel remaining). Quantity light.

102:44:54 Aldrin: Okay. 75 feet. And it’s looking good. Down a half, 6 forward.

102:45:02 Duke: 60 seconds (of fuel left before the ‘Bingo’ call).

102:45:04 Aldrin: (Velocity) light’s on.

102:45:08 Aldrin: 60 feet, down 2 1/2. (Pause) 2 forward. 2 forward. That’s good.

102:45:17 Aldrin: 40 feet, down 2 1/2. Picking up some dust.

102:45:21 Aldrin: 30 feet, 2 1/2 down. (Garbled) shadow.

102:45:25 Aldrin: 4 forward. 4 forward. Drifting to the right a little. 20 feet, down a half.

102:45:31 Duke: 30 seconds (until the ‘Bingo’ call).

102:45:32 Aldrin: Drifting forward just a little bit; that’s good. (Garbled) (Pause)

102:45:40 Aldrin: Contact Light.

102:45:43 Armstrong (on-board): Shutdown

102:45:44 Aldrin: Okay. Engine Stop.

102:45:45 Aldrin: ACA out of Detent.

102:45:46 Armstrong: Out of Detent. Auto.

102:45:47 Aldrin: Mode Control, both Auto. Descent Engine Command Override, Off. Engine Arm, Off. 413 is in.

102:45:57 Duke: We copy you down, Eagle.

102:45:58 Armstrong (on-board): Engine arm is off. (Pause) Houston, Tranquility Base here. The Eagle has landed.

102:46:06 Duke: (Momentarily tongue-tied) Roger, Twan…(correcting himself) Tranquility. We copy you on the ground. You got a bunch of guys about to turn blue. We’re breathing again. Thanks a lot.

102:46:16 Aldrin: Thank you.

Annotated transcript

Apollo 11 information



  1. it’s amazing how that transcript manages to be suspensful all these years later, even though we know the outcome.

    My friend’s Dad took us to an Angels/As double header in Anaheim on that day. I remember that my father was concerned that I wouldn’t be home in time to see the moon landing. I made it though and was able to watch that historic moment.

  2. I couldn’t think of a better way to mark the occasion and honor the people who made it possible than to reprint the landing transcript. No embellishment is needed: the event speaks for itself.

    When Armstrong was about to step on the surface our family was huddled around a 12″ B&W TV watching bad video from the Moon. It was well past our bedtime and my father wanted to send us to bed. My mother looked at him and said “Van, they’re about to walk on THE MOON!”

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