Posted by: bkivey | 30 August 2010

Homies Be Happenin’

Check it, yo.

Word up from DOJ they be lookin’ for homies wit mad rap skills talkin’ Ebonics ’cause the dealers be flambostin’ they flow wit ruthless effect. Shiiit. I be there wit a quickness to get some o’ that gov’ment bling. Yeah, homie be livin’ large wit benes just fo’ listen’ to some whack fool on the down low.

What that you say? Ebonics not be a legit rap? You betta’ recognise, fool, and don’t be gettin’ all up in my grill wit that whack noise. Me an’ my crew in the ‘hood be all down wit’ it. Jus’ ’cause that sell-out Jesse be disrespectin’ our flow don’ mean he legit. Damn! Why you be axin’ some Oreo who be actin’ white? He say that people be speakin’ Ebonics not be gettin’ jobs; how you like us now? Huh!

I know ya’ll be rememberin’ that movie Airplane! where the brotha’s be speaking Jive. Yeah, The Man not be able to unerstan’em. Some ol’ white woman be havin’ to interpretate the brotha’s rap. You all be thinkin’ that shit funny. Now who be laffin’?


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