Posted by: bkivey | 18 August 2011

Great Weather; Bad Attitude

Summer has finally arrived in the Northwest, and yesterday was a prime example of why this is the best place in the world to live during August and September. The high was 85 under cloudless skies. All of the mountains were out. This is how we tell what kind of day it is around here; by how many volcanoes are visible. St. Helens to the north and Hood to the east, the top of Adams visible above the foothills, and Jefferson just over the Cascades. Even Rainier peeking over the shoulder of St. Helens. A five mountain day is a gorgeous day.

I had business across the river and was listening to the local jazz station while driving around. There was an interview with a local jazz musician during one segment. This young man has apparently gained some national acclaim, winning contests and such. At one point in the interview he was talking about the difficulty he and other musicians were having  financing trips to various venues. Apparently government grants for such excursions have been curtailed. My WTF moment came when he blamed his difficulties on President Bush’s ‘No Millionaire Left Behind’ policies. Oh my, that’s witty, and I’m sure in his circle that’s considered the height of cleverness.

As a musician, I don’t expect the young man to have a professional knowledge of economics, but I can reasonably expect any person to have  a modicum of propriety. Why in the world does he think he’s so entitled that he can expect, nay demand, that other people fund his desires? He’s a good musician, but the fact is that funding his life activities is not something that government at any level should be remotely involved in. He complained about having to hold ‘bake sales’ to raise money, as if this was some grevious imposition on his station as an artist. My reaction is: so what? Most people enable their dreams through their own efforts.

It’s unfortunately true that there are a lot of people who have been indoctrinated that other people somehow owe them a living. It’s simply not true, despite what the guilt mongers would have you believe. There’s a world of difference between a social safety net and an entitlement attitude. I can’t really blame the young man for his attitudes; he’s probably been told he’s special his entire life. I can hold him, and others that share his views, accountable for carrying such childishness into adulthood.


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