Posted by: bkivey | 21 August 2011

News From the Future Past

I recently watched the Star Trek episode Amok Time, and wondered how an event crucial to the story might have played out after the events of the episode took place.

Starfleet Physician Investigated in Doping Probe

San Francisco, Terra – Starfleet Command announced today that LCDR Leonard H. McCoy was implicated in an investigation of illegal doping practices. McCoy, chief medical officer onboard  USS Enterprise, allegedly provided Capt. James T. Kirk with stimulants to increase his effectiveness during an athletic competition on Vulcan.

A source from the Enterprise, speaking on condition of anonymity, said that they overheard Dr. McCoy describing his use of a ‘vitamin compound’ to help Kirk overcome the heat and thin atmosphere of the Vulcan arena.

Starfleet has not made log entries concerning the alleged event public, but in a press release Starfleet spokesbeing Lt. Robert Dunsail stated that “While the use of stimulants in competition is legal in certain circumstances on Vulcan, Starfleet does not condone such usage.” Lt. Dunsail declined to comment on the state of the investigation or possible penalties if irregularities were uncovered.

McCoy, who was posted to the Enterprise in 2267, has refused to discuss the investigation, saying only that “I’m a doctor, not an athletic trainer.” Calls to Capt. Kirk were referred to his lawyer, Samuel T. Cogley.

Today in History

1560 – Tycho Brahe becomes interested in astronomy

1926 – White Sox Ted Lyons no hits Red Sox 6-0 in just 67 minutes at Fenway

1959 – Hawaii becomes 50th US state

1972 – 1st hot air balloon flight over Alps

1972 – Grace Slick maced by police when a band official called cops, pigs


  1. Great blog, I need not feel so guilty for the constant Star Trek references on my blog!

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