Posted by: bkivey | 2 December 2011

What Corruption Looks Like

On 30 November James Taranto (Best of the Web Today; link on right under Blogroll) referenced a news story from the San Fernando Valley Sun concerning the jaw-dropping behavior of the mayor of  San Fernando. During a city council meeting, the mayor

With his wife, Anna, sitting in the front row, Mayor Mario Hernandez, for whatever reason, decided Monday night was the night to formally announce that he lost his business, and filed personal and corporate bankruptcy. “And secondly,” Mayor Hernandez said, “I’d like to put out there, ‘to squash the rumors,’ that yes, I have been in a relationship with Councilwoman (Maribel) De La Torre.” . . .

The aggrieved wife bravely stood up and said, “That’s why I’m here….” Mayor Hernandez retorted, “Yes, I know” as she continued to try to speak, saying “I’m his wife…we weren’t separated.”

Hernandez used his Mayor’s platform to tell Lt. Jeff Eley (acting Chief of Police) to prevent his wife from talking as residents gasped, and he went so far as to ask to have her escorted out of chambers. As those in the chamber audibly reacted, Lt. Eley said there “was a process” and the Mayor had the floor. Councilwoman Sylvia Ballin was, “so disgusted,” that she walked off the dais and gave wife Anna a hug. Sev Aszkenazy, who is the publisher of this newspaper, told Hernandez, “You’re a joke. Everyone knows you’re a joke, so just be a joke.”

It’s worthwhile to read the whole story. It’s funny, but tragic that this is the kind of leadership an American city has.

Fractured English

From a blog discussing the pros and cons of custom house plans: “Appear at it this way . . .”

Cowboy Bebop

If you like jazz, cop shows, and science fiction, Shinichiro Watanabe’s 1998 masterpiece Cowboy Bebop is worth a look. An episodic anime consisting of 26  ‘sessions’, this TV show follows the lives of 5 bounty hunters traipsing around the solar system in 2071. Cited by Josh Whedon as an influence for his Firefly TV show, Cowboy Bebop features some very nicely drawn animation and some of the highest quality music found on any show. Episodes are widely available on the internet, and the complete DVD set is about $35. Highly recommended.


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