Posted by: bkivey | 26 February 2012

Steve Miller Band Quiz

Things I thought about when I probably should have been thinking about something else.

In the song ‘Jet Airliner’, how might the following vehicles affect the singer’s travel experience?

  • Big ol’ jet airliner
  • Small little puddle jumper
  • Good-sized diesel loco

When Steve Miller wrote the lines “You’ve got to go through hell before you get to heaven”, was he predicting the modern air travel experience?

Mr. Miller doesn’t want to “get caught up in that funky shit going down in the city”. What else might he want to avoid?

  • a small town without pity
  • live in a world with ‘Hello Kitty’
  • miss a dirt band in the nitty-gritty

Discuss the long-term effects on the English language of trying to rhyme ‘facts is’ with ‘taxes’.

After Billy Joe “Shot a man while robbin’ his castle”, in “ooh, old El Paso”, where did Bobbie Sue run to? Swingtown?

How, exactly, did she ‘slip away’? On a big ol’ jet airliner?

Were they engaged in Jungle Love?

When he writes “I get my lovin’ on the run” in ‘The Joker’, was he referring to Billy Joe and Bobby Sue?

How else might he get his lovin’?

  • in the sun
  • ’till I’m done
  • just for fun

In the song ‘Fly Like an Eagle’, Miller talks about, well, flying like an eagle. Compare and contrast these animal activities in the context of the song:

  • Fly like an eagle
  • Run like a beagle
  • Poop like a sea gull

Today in History

Over on the Today in History site, we learn that today in 1907 Congress raised their salaries to $7500. Using an inflation calculator, we find that this is equivalent to just over $173,000 today. The current salary for rank & file members is $174,000, and Congress hasn’t raised their pay in three years. It’s worth pointing out that in 1907 the average American made something like $500 annually, or about 7% of the Congressional salary, where today the median individual income is something like $42,000, or about 24% of the current salary.


  1. LOL I always called ‘Jet Airliner’ the ‘Emphysema Song.’ You can hear every strained breath the guy takes. I still love it though.As for the problem in El Paso,(clap clap clap clap clap) I assume Billie Joe and Bobbi Sue just decided to dance dance dance all night long.

  2. I have obviously not been spending enough time thinking about Steve Miller lyrics…

  3. Hi Folks! Thanks for reading and commenting. I’d actually had the first ‘question’ rolling around in my head for a few days, and when I wrote it down, I just started riffing. Glad you enjoyed it.

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