Posted by: bkivey | 20 June 2012

How To Avoid Huge Ships

On 16 May, the USS Essex collided with the fleet oiler USNS Yukon during a replenishment evolution. Significant damage was done to both vessels, not least of which was the effective end of Essex commander Capt. Chuck Litchfield’s career. When the Navy puts 40,000 tons and $400 million of US taxpayer property in your hands, they expect you not to run into things. More job, less adventure.

So, this ship

sustained this damage

when it ran into this ship

causing this damage

I’m quite confident that the US Navy trains all of it’s deck officers in proper ship handling, but perhaps a bit more training is needed. Instruction that can be found in this book:

Yes, there is a book on how to prevent just the sort of incident that costs people jobs. Thankfully, no injuries or fatalities were recorded in the Navy incident, but it’s only a matter of time. This book is available at for the government-friendly price of $999.00. If you’re a naval deck officer, I urge you to get a copy today.

A Note on the Book

The book was written with a serious purpose in mind, and my own boating experience indicates that avoiding huge ships isn’t a trivial subject. That said, the reviews for this book are comedy gold for the snarky and sarcastic amongst us.


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