Posted by: bkivey | 6 July 2012

The Best Place On Earth

Summer has finally arrived in the Northwest. The skies are clear, temps range from the lower 80’s during the day to the upper 50’s at night. Only a few days ago, highs in the 60’s and rainy skies were the order of the day. Now, now is the payoff for nine months of gloom. For the next three months, we’ll enjoy some of the finest weather, scenery, and recreational opportunities on the planet.

Of course, the last thing anyone wants to do is work. Every warm, sunny day is precious. I’ve long maintained that the first nice day of the year should be a holiday, much as the first good snow is in ski country. We’ll usually get a couple of nice weeks in May, but that’s just a taste (or tease) of things to come. The rains come back for another six weeks before the real summer arrives. And when it does, people go a little bit crazy. Days off are not for relaxing at home; we’ve done more than enough of that the last nine months. Time off now is for camping and hiking and boating and fishing. It’s for getting Out There in some of the most spectacular scenery anywhere. Between the end of June, and the start of the rains in mid-October, the Northwest is the best place on Earth.

Today in History

1687 – Newton publishes “Principia”

1785 – Congress resolves US currency named “dollar” & adopts decimal coinage

1848 – Mexican-American War ended with the Treaty of Guadaloupe Hidalgo

1919 – British R-34 lands in NY, 1st airship to cross Atlantic (108 hr)

1924 – 1st photo sent experimentally across Atlantic by radio, US-England

1945 – Nicaragua becomes 1st nation to formally accept UN Charter

1949 – Freak heat wave sent central coast of Portugal to 158øF for 2 minutes

I saw this and said ‘Huh’? Heat bursts are real phenomena, as this link shows.

1954 – Elvis Presley records his 1st hit, “That’s All Right”

1958 – Alaska becomes 49th state



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