Posted by: bkivey | 15 July 2012

Random Bits

Abbottabad Golf Club

There’s a golf course near the house where Bin Laden met his end, and there are reviews. My favorite, by Steven Head:

Overall 0 / 3
Not a bad course but the wildlife here is just too overwhelming. Blackhawks and Seals everywhere.

Time Travel

The image above is a steering wheel for use with video games. It’s for sale at The product is unremarkable, until you take a look at when the item became available on Amazon:

Date first available at September 4, 1973

The Worst Call in Baseball This Year

Umpires don’t always get the call right in a ball game; they’re human, after all. But this miscall is especially egregious.


Word Watch

I was listening to the Mariners game last night, where staff ace Felix Hernandez had command of some nasty stuff, pitching a complete game shut-out and making one of the most powerful lineups in baseball look foolish. He got seven runs worth of offensive help from his hitters, and there was some good fielding behind him. It was a marked contrast to the last game before the All Star break. So much of a difference, that radio commentator Dan Wilson called it the ‘carbon opposite’ of that game.

Huh? Carbon opposite?

I suspect that he wanted to say ‘polar opposite’, but ‘carbon’ came out, and he had to think of something fast. Still, it’s an interesting concept, even if it makes little sense to anyone unfamiliar with carbon paper.


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