Posted by: bkivey | 7 September 2012

Beam Me Up, Google

Over the years Google has created hundreds of  ‘Doodles’ to commemorate various events. Most are static images that work the Google logo into a graphic representation of the given event. Another class is the dynamic Doodle, such as the 4 July 2010 Rube Goldberg. The most fun are the interactive Doodles, like the Moog synthesizer, where you could create, record, and playback your composition, or the Les Paul Doodle, featuring a playable guitar.

Today’s US Doodle commemorates the 46th anniversary of Star Trek, and is best described as an interactive Easter Egg Doodle. Clicking on various sections of the  Doodle triggers events, like the cargo hatch scene from The Trouble with Tribbles, and a couple of scenes from Arena. A guy in a red shirt takes a hit, but doesn’t die. Check it out, it’s a lot of fun.

Don’t Try This At Home

I came across an article listing a few things that you could, but shouldn’t, make at home. There were things like making a a laser from a DVD player laser and a flashlight, thermite, napalm, and a bleach bomb. I was reminded of a time as a teenager when my Mom tasked me with clearing out the poison ivy in the back yard. There was a lot of poison ivy, and the thought of cutting it all out by hand, and possibly contracting a bad case of poison ivy, was unappealing. In the garage we had a can of gasoline, and a paint sprayer. You can see where this is going. I put some gas in the sprayer cup, hooked up the compressor, and held a lighter to the sprayer stream. The resulting fifteen-foot high pressure flame made short work of the poison ivy. I was aware  that the sprayer might ingest the flame with undesirable consequences, so I extinguished the flame by putting a piece of cardboard between the nozzle and the start of the ignited fuel before releasing trigger pressure.

I told my Mom what I’d done, because I thought it was a pretty neat solution. When she got over her anger about possibly burning down the garage, she told me that smoke from burning poison ivy can cause a rash in your lungs. I hadn’t considered that. Hey, at least I didn’t use napalm.



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