Posted by: bkivey | 14 September 2012

Fun With Collective Nouns

The English language has a variety of collective nouns, many of which are specific to the group being described. Herd is used for many collections of animals, mainly of the farm variety, and one of the more interesting collective nouns is a murder of crows. Here are a few of the more unusual collective nouns describing groups of animals:

  • Shrewdness of apes
  • Congress of babboons
  • Cete of badgers
  • Sleuth of bears
  • Volery of birds
  • Rabble of butterflies
  • Band of coyotes
  • Swarm of eels
  • Skulk of foxes
  • Scold of jays
  • Smack of jellyfish
  • Watch of nightingales
  • Chine of polecats (skunks)
  • Murmuration of starlings
  • Muster of storks
  • Colony of vultures
  • Descent of woodpeckers

And some of my own describing groups of people:

  • Gossip of servers
  • Flight of pilots
  • Set of mathematicians
  • Precision of engineers
  • Ledger of accountants

Feel free to add your own!



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