Posted by: bkivey | 5 December 2012

Democratic Propaganda

The People’s Cube is a political satire site run by a former Soviet citizen, and it’s very, very good. Like all good satire, it hits uncomfortably close to the mark. The site is especially damning of those who are doing their best to turn the United States into a ‘worker’s paradise’.

One recent article used parodies of old Soviet propaganda posters to illustrate how far we’ve fallen from freedoms we took for granted not so long ago. I thought that looked like fun, so I thought I’d give it a try.


Here we have an updated version of the worker power salute.











shhhh mod

Here’s an illustration of a primary media talking point.












elect_modIn keeping with the Democratic Party’s tradition of politicizing childhood . . .
















And an illustration of how Barack Obama sees himself.


Here are the thumbs of the original posters:

fist     be_silent         elect        stalin_world





  1. Cool images. Bottom one was my favorite, it has a nice ring to it. Like something one actually would see on some sites, at least different versions of it. The other ones are pretty nice too, but they aren’t as subtle as the bottom one. Anyway, nice satire, I enjoyed reading this post.

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