Posted by: bkivey | 31 December 2012

Another Year Older

The annual roundup of the most popular posts. WordPress started putting together Annual Reports for blogs this year, so pulling together numbers is somewhat easier.

The top ten most-viewed posts for 2012:

1 Stone Knives and Bearskins  February 2011

2 Nine High IQ Societies  May 2010

3 Eight Unusual High IQ Societies  May 2010

4 The Most Racist People in America  July 2012

5 Fashion Faux Pas February 2011

5 “And Now For Something Completely Different. . .” April 2010

6 The Creepiest Political Ad October 2012

7 Around The World And Beyond May 2011

8 Taking A Header December December 2010

9 Leap Day  February 2012

Hmmm. Only three of the top ten most-viewed posts for 2012 were actually written in 2012.

How did people find this blog? The top search engine terms for 2012 were:

1. baggy jeans

2. most racist people in america

3. computer ad(s)

4. external combustion engine(s)

5. poetic genius society

6. editorial endorsement definition

7. wacky friday

8. vertex society

9. soylent logo

10. missing missy

Well, that’s an eclectic collection.


The top referrers were, unsurprisingly, blogs I frequent (and links for which can be found in the sidebar).







And where did my audience hail from? 89 different countries this year. WordPress started tracking country stats at the end of February this year, and the top ten are:

1. United States

2. United Kingdom

3. Canada

4. India

5. Australia

6. Phillipines

7. Poland

8. Germany

9. Brazil

10. Indonesia

Not surprisingly, there were exactly 0 views from China, Cuba, Vietnam, Iran, and other countries where the Internet is heavily regulated.

So ends my third full year of blogging on a somewhat regular basis. Media experts maintain that to build a following for a blog (or nearly anything else), you must have consistent and regular output. For blogs, that usually means new content daily.

I don’t do that; indeed, there may be weeks between posts. This is a diversion for me, not a job, and I’m not looking to make it a job. If I’m busy with other things, or I don’t think I can write on a subject in an original or interesting way, I won’t. If you’re interested in what I’m doing, subscribe. I’ll appreciate it, and you’ll be notified of new content.

I hope that you and yours have had a safe and enjoyable holiday season, and that you’ll have a prosperous 2013. Thanks for reading!





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