Posted by: bkivey | 1 January 2013

Grace Under Pressure

I went to a local bar to ring in the New Year, and they had a singer providing live entertainment for the night. Shortly before 11 PM he took a break. About five minutes later he staggered up to the bar, obviously in distress, and asked the bar owner for a place to sit down. Not long after that, an ambulance rolled up (with a fire truck) and about half a dozen firefighters and paramedics trooped in. They left with the singer.

Well, this was about the last thing you expected to see in a bar on New Year’s Eve. I asked the bartender if the guy had had a heart attack, and she said it was suspected appendicitis. After about thirty minutes, another singer started his set. I was curious. How in the hell do you get an entertainer to show up in your bar at 11 PM on New Year’s Eve? I asked the bar owner how he pulled that off.

It turns out that while the original singer was doubled over with pain waiting for the ambulance, he was also on the phone getting a replacement. As the bar owner told me: “He said he’d get a replacement”. And he did. That’s impressive, I don’t care who you are.

So here’s to you, Gary Savage. I’m sorry you have to spend the first day of the new year in the hospital, but you’ve set the bar for 2013.

Taxes At Work

As much as I rant about government taxing and spending in this blog,  I’m not an idiot. Like most people, I understand the need for some level of government spending, and the necessity of taxes to support that. My differences with the Progressives are a matter of degree, not kind.

I took advantage of government spending New Year’s Eve, when I availed myself of the local transit system’s offer of free rides from 8 PM to 3 AM. I would have taken public transit anyway: I’m not interested in becoming the first DWI arrest of the new year, but the suspension of fares was a nice bonus. As a small business owner, I pay an annual tax to the local transit authority, and I don’t really mind doing so. I do have serious issues with the way the current labor contract is structured, but the fact is that the free ride program for New Year’s is a good example of government spending that serves a useful purpose.


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