Posted by: bkivey | 29 September 2013

Vacation Pt. 2

22 September

After boarding the 1230 AM flight for Memphis, and feigning sleep for most of the flight, I arrived in Memphis just before 6 AM local. The MEM – RDU flight departed at 8:40, and arrived in Raleigh about 11:30. An hour later I pulled up at my sister’s house. She asked if I wanted to take a nap, and I told her that it was kind of pointless that late in the day. I figured I’d just go to bed earlier. I did take a long, hot shower.

I was hungry, and she was kind enough to treat me to lunch at Smithfield’s. This is a chain specializing in eastern North Carolina BBQ, and I make a it point to go there every time I’m in the neighborhood. I consider eastern North Carolina BBQ to be the best way to do ‘que, and Smithfield’s is very good. They serve honest-to-God Southern sweet tea (increasingly hard to find in the Yankeefied South), and their prices are reasonable. They used to ship BBQ, and I’ve had some shipped to Oregon, but I don’t know if they still do that.

My mother drove up from Sanford, and the rest of the day was spent visiting with family and drinking good beer. I spent a couple of hours attending to business before I’d had too much beer. My brother-in-law grilled pork chops for dinner, and we spent a pleasant few hours eating and visiting in their screened room. After my Mom left for home, I watched some football and went to bed.


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