Posted by: bkivey | 30 September 2013

23 September 2013 Continued

I had to break this post into two parts because WordPress has a hard time handling more than a few images in a single post. If you include too many images in a single post, the program goes ape shit, and won’t format correctly.

After lunch, my sister and I took a walking tour of Raleigh.

anne and sir walter raleighMy sister and the Sir Walter Raleigh statue in downtown Raleigh. Sir Walter is ready for the upcoming bluegrass festival.

raleigh holiday inn















A Raleigh landmark, the circular Holiday Inn. There’s a restaurant at the top.

raleigh farmers market area

The Raleigh farmer’s market area.

beer action shot


Time for a beer!

a big acorn

Raleigh’s nickname is “The City of Oaks”. On New Year’s Eve, this acorn drops to bring in the new year. It doesn’t look like much of a drop.

firefighrter memorial

A firefighter’s memorial. I can say from experience that you cannot operate a fire hose one-handed.

wall of plates

A wall of plates.

pub 2

Time to rehydrate!

old water tower

An old water tower.

capitol buillding

Finishing up at the Capitol building.

The walking tour was fun, but next time we’ll have to leave more time for the drink stops. Raleigh’s food and drink scene is maybe a few years behind Portland’s, but it’s as good as you’ll find in most medium-sized American cities, and much improved over just a few years ago. One could easily spend a day exploring the very interesting bar and pub scene. Our last stop was the Flying Saucer, located just outside downtown. To call this establishment a ‘bar’ is a bit of an understatement. It’s more like a well-stocked beer store with bar stools. There are hundreds of beers available. One day I might bring a wad of cash and spend a day sampling the selection.

My sister treated my Mom and me to dinner at Sullivan’s. This is a high-end steak house chain (there’s one in the Portland area) catering to the business crowd. My sister amends that description to the ‘male business crowd’. Lots of dark wood and expensive steaks. They have an extensive wine collection and the drinks are stiff. I had a gin and tonic and I’m sure that no tonic was harmed in the making of that drink.

Sullivan’s isn’t the best steak house I’ve been to, that would be El Gaucho (locations in Portland and Seattle), but the food is good and service is excellent. One dissonant aspect is the pop background music. For a place that can’t be escaped for less than $100 per person, it might be better to have a more restrained musical selection, or perhaps none at all. Still, it was an excellent meal, and a pleasant place to have a birthday dinner.

birthday gift

Birthday gift from my Mom.

dessert 1309.23

Key lime pie with raspberry sauce. Yes, they used real Key limes. I’m glad they only used one candle.

When we got back home I opened my oldest sister’s birthday gift, and then is it was time for Mom to drive home. I watched some TV with my sister’s family, and then Monday Night Football.

screenshot bedtime 1309.24



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