Posted by: bkivey | 30 September 2013

23 September 2013

50 is the new 49.

I can say this because on 23 September I celebrated 50 years of drawing breath. And while sometimes reaching this milestone was no sure thing, I’m here now.

time check 0913.23 0643Got up at this time. Whoa! I’m on vacation!

















screenshot 0913.23 0756That’s better.

















My sister was kind enough to take the day off, although she had a conference call at 1 PM. That was OK, I’d planned to spend the morning revisiting Wake Forest, NC. I’d attended 6th grade through high school there, and hadn’t visited since 1998.

It was nice to drive through a city where traffic moved along well. The only glitch was on Hwy. 1 north of Raleigh where a road crew had shut down half the northbound lanes for some road work. Where I live, all major road construction is done at night. Here, road construction can apparently be done only on weekdays. My brother-in-law has the same complaint.

wake forest main stWake Forest was a town of 5000 when we lived there, and a good 15 miles from Raleigh. Now, it’s grown to 35,000 and is Raleigh’s northernmost neighborhood. The downtown is still quiet.

wake forest elementary

The elementary school. There’s a few new buildings on campus, but the school is essentially unchanged since I was there in 1975.

middle school admin

The long-abandoned middle school. The district built a new one years ago at the southern edge of town.

band building 2

This was the band building.

hs front

The high school. It’s changed some since I graduated in 1981.

top of hs parking deck

The parking deck built over the old student parking lot in the rear. Total enrollment was around 750 when I was there. I’m guessing it’s a little more now.

hs tennis court

Some tennis courts have been added.

partial hs stadium

There’s now a track at the football field, and the cement seats in the stadium have been replaced with aluminum.

409 n main st

The house we lived in. It looks a lot better now.

I drove back to Apex and took care of business matters while my sister attended to hers. After lunch, we took a walking tour of Raleigh.


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