Posted by: bkivey | 3 October 2013

Vacation Pt. 4

26 September 2013

rain 1309.26Still raining

Despite forecasts to the contrary, the rain hadn’t abated by Thursday morning. After breakfast I decided to visit some former residences. Top photos were taken in 2013, while the bottom photos were taken in 1998.


Cottage Cottage at 726 1/2 Grove St. St. Petersburg is replete with these structures on alleys. If you’re renting, this is a true Florida way to go. They amount to stand-alone studio or 1-bdrm apartments. They’re not especially well built, and this cottage had jalousie windows, making it unpleasantly cold in the winter. I lived here for a couple of years. This was the site of the only drive-by shooting I’ve been involved in. A couple of jackasses fired into the cottage from the alley with a .22 while I was watching TV in the main room. I wasn’t injured, but the window was shattered and the bookcase took a hit. The investigating officer said they were gunning for the guy next door. Nice.

garage apt

Garage Apartment-St. PeteGarage apartment in the Old Northeast neighborhood. This is the last place I lived in St. Petersburg. When I lived here there was a telephone pole with a transformer where the electrical service conduit is now (and in the 1998 photo). This is significant because lightning hit the transformer while I was watching TV in the living room, putting me less than fifteen feet from a lighting strike. It was impressive.

former yellow submarine

Yello SubmarineSame building in downtown St. Pete; fifteen years difference.

After the little trip down memory lane, I went and did laundry. While this was going on, I noticed blue skies to the west. Could it be? Might I get some beach time in after all?

I drove out to 34th street, and then south to 54th Ave. S. There’s a toll on this road to St. Pete Beach, but the best beaches (and bars) are here, and I didn’t want to waste time futzing down Gulf Blvd. Well butter my toast and call me crazy; there was sunshine! Wooh effing hoo!

bar view 1 1309.26 View from the bar where I got lunch and adjusted my attitude.

After eating and mellowing, I hit the beach.

south down st pete beachLooking south down St. Pete Beach.

This was unexpected. Beach erosion is an ongoing problem, and apparently these large tubes have been placed to prevent or reduce the need for beach re-nourishment.

turtle nestA turtle nest.

selfie at beachRepresenting at the beach. Yeah, I’m a tourist. I haven’t smelled something bad, I’m just trying to see the screen.

I spent some time walking through the surf looking for shells. I knew that the chances of finding a good shell were slim and none, but it was nice to have my feet in the water and the sun on my back. I did find a bench to sit and sunbathe on, but I have Northwest pasty skin, so 20 minutes was all I could reasonably do.

bar view 2View from the bar apres beach. I fielded some calls from clients here. They don’t have to know I’m chillin’ in a bar on the Florida Gulf Coast. But doing business does detract from the ‘vacation’ aspect.

Back into town to take care of business needs, then got a room at the El Rio motel, the first place I stayed when I moved to St. Petersburg in 1986. Other than improved landscaping, it hasn’t changed at all. I went downtown to wander around Flora Wylie park.

blue egret













A blue heron.

white heron













A white egret.

dead hammerheadYou won’t see this in Oregon.

I wandered around the artsy-craftsy downtown shops, then headed to the Three Birds pub for dinner and the Rays game.


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