Posted by: bkivey | 29 October 2013

I Just Can’t Live Without My Radio

Because I don’t have TV, most of my entertainment comes from the radio. The only thing I miss are live sporting events, and this isn’t much of a problems, as I much prefer the radio announcers to the TV version. There can be some difficulty if there is more than one game on of interest. In those cases, I’ll repair to a local watering hole and watch. Recently there were four games on simultaneously that I wanted to see: the World Series, an NFL game, the MLS Portland Timbers, and the WHL Winterhawks. Winterhawks games are not usually televised, but the tavern I went to had the other three games on the three screens above the bar. Awesome!

The only stations I listen to regularly are the jazz, classical, and community radio offerings, as well as talk radio. Over time I’ve found programs on the stations that I look forward to. All of the FM stations have links for live streaming, as well as program descriptions. All times are Pacific.


The local jazz station, and winner of ‘Jazz Station of the Year” for 2012 from Jazz Week. They play a nice mix from various artists, and the DJ’s know their stuff. They do tend to feature brass and guitar artists over others.

Something Different – Monday – Thursday 2300 – 0000

Divaville – Wednesday 1900 – 2100 and re-aired Saturday 1300 – 1500

The Soulful Strut – Friday 1600 – 1800

Groovology – Friday 1800 – 2000

The Lowdown – Friday 2000 – 2200


All classical, all the time. They play the usual suspects, but do throw some lesser known and more modern composers into the mix.

Metropolitan Opera – Saturday 1000 – 1400 (December to May)

Club Mod – Saturday 2000 – 2200

The Score – Saturday/Sunday 1400 – 1500


Community radio, They provide an eclectic mix of programming, some of it decidedly political.

Sub-Human Intellect Theatre – Monday 2300 – 0000

Tiki Cha-Cha Club – Tuesday 0000 – 0100

Africa O-Ye! – Thursday 1400 – 1600

You’ll notice that there aren’t any rock stations. I like rock just fine; most of my music collection is rock. But the songs in most station’s rotations have been played to death. Listening to these stations has expanded my musical horizons and added a variety of music to my ‘wish list’.

Other than talk radio and sports broadcasts, the only time I listen to AM radio is radio theatre.


Imagination Theatre – Sunday 2100 – 2300

As recently as last Sunday this was a two-hour program, although a look at the schedule shows something else in the 2200 – 2300 slot. I hope that isn’t the case, as those two hours of theatre are a nice change from musical programming, and give a hint of radio’s ‘Golden Age’. This is a syndicated program, so it may be on a station near you.


I went to Home Depot last week, and noticed an entire aisle of Christmas trees and related items. I used to complain about retailers holding off until after Thanksgiving; now I’ll settle for after Halloween.

Car Talk

License plate seen on a Mustang Cobra: CMYASP

We’ve Only Just Begun

It seems that a pre-existing condition will get you rejected for health insurance under Obamacare: if your current plan doesn’t fit the requirements of the new law.


I saw a car commercial that had me do a double take. The commercial shows Will Ferrel in his ‘Anchorman’ persona pitching a truck, and he’s accompanied by a white horse. I wondered if the ad creators were referencing the song ‘White Horse‘ by Laid Back. At the end of the commercial, a white pony appears, which seems too cute for coincidence.

I like the song, but the content isn’t something an auto company would want to be associated with. The song came out in 1983, so I can see how most people would miss the reference, but I can’t help but wonder if the ad creators weren’t slipping something in.

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