Posted by: bkivey | 16 December 2013

Monday Minutia

The Oldest Life EVER!

The 13 December edition of the local fish wrap had an article on the earliest differentiated animals. Previously thought to be sponges, a growing body of evidence suggests that a species of jellyfish may be the oldest animal. The article states that this evolutionary step occurred some half a billion years ago, but what caught my eye was a highlighted section saying that the jellyfish evolved 500,000 million years ago. In the American numbering system, a thousand million is a billion, so the highlighted section is claiming that the animal is 500 billion years old, no mean feat in a universe thought to be some 14 billion years old.

Random Pictures

double rainbow








A double rainbow.

Sunset 3 December 2013









A recent sunset.

Beaverton Engrish













Local Engrish.


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