Posted by: bkivey | 26 December 2013

Fun With CO2

My youngest sister sent me some steaks for Christmas.  They were well appreciated, but arguably better was playing with the dry ice packed in with the steaks.

Most of the time, the dry ice is well gone by the time the steaks arrive, but this year there was a substantial amount left. Time for fun! The greater the temperature difference, the more energetic the reaction, so filling up a glass bowl with hot water:

dry ice 1

dry ice 4

dry ice3

As There was quite a bit of dry ice; so I put some in the sink.

dry ice 5

That’s pretty cool. But if you have access to a Star Trek playset, the possibilities expand.


“What do you make of this, Spock?”

“Fascinating, Captain. A liquid that boils without heat.”

“Are we in danger?”

“Unknown, Captain.”


“Damn it, Spock! Another Security loss!”


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