Posted by: bkivey | 31 December 2013

The Blog Year That Was

It’s 31 December, so it must be time to round up this blog’s stats for the year.

Top 10 Viewed Posts

The 10 posts (excluding Home Page) that got the most traffic. Last year’s rank is in parenthesis.

  1. Nine High IQ Societies May 2010 (2)
  2. Eight Unusual High IQ Societies  May 2010 (3)
  3. Stone Knives and Bearskins February 2011 (1)
  4. Fashion Faux Pas February 2011 (5)
  5. Glacier National Park Pt. 3 September 2012 (NR)
  6. Around the World and Beyond May 2011 (7)
  7. The Most Racist People in America July 2012 (4)
  8. How To Avoid Huge Ships June 2012 (NR)
  9. Glacier National Park Pt. 2 September 2012 (NR)
  10. Ex Orbis Terrarum ut Luna July 2012 (NR)

The top-ranked post got as many views as the next three combined, and a post from 2013 (3 x 4 = 11 ) doesn’t show up until #11.

Search Terms

The top search terms for 2013:

  1. poetic genius society
  2. list of high iq societies
  3. most racist people in america
  4. mysterium society
  5. cerebrals society
  6. omega society iq
  7. blackfeet reservation
  8. high iq societies list
  9. how to avoid huge ships wiki
  10. high iq societies

Unlike last year’s results, most of the terms are related to the most-viewed posts.


Countries generating the most views, with last year’s result in parenthesis.

  1. United States (1)
  2. Canada (3)
  3. United Kingdom (2)
  4. Germany (8)
  5. France (NR)
  6. Poland (7)
  7. India (4)
  8. Australia (5)
  9. Sweden (NR)
  10. Belgium (NR)

Still nothing from China.

This blog passed 10,000 views this year. I realize those aren’t stunning numbers for a four-year old blog, but considering this is a diversion, I’m OK with that. Thank you all very much for reading, and I wish you all the best for 2014.



  1. In regards to “where angels fear to tread”, that should be published in something like American Thinker, It was as good as or better than anything I have read on the subject, Bravo!

    • Thank you for the kind words. I was stunned by the rash judgement of just about all media outlets before any facts were known.

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