Posted by: bkivey | 23 January 2014

January Jots

I haven’t been posting much lately because I’m focused on goals I wrote down for the year. One of them has been to develop some Android apps. I haven’t programmed outside of school in decades, but I do have a fair amount of experience in Excel, and that’s a programming environment as much as a spreadsheet program. I was happy to discover that the basics of program design and architecture haven’t left me. There’s some math that comes in handy, too. I’ve gotten my first app to work more-or-less the way I designed it, so that’s something. It needs some cleaning up on the interface, but the basic code works.


The reaction to Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman’s outburst after the NFC Championship has been surprising. I’m a Seahawks fan, but I didn’t get to see the game due to work. After the controversy became widespread, I watched the relevant video. I don’t get the outrage. Here’s a guy who was instrumental in sealing the win for his team, a reporter sticks a mic in his face, and people are surprised when he’s still full of the emotion of the game? And the racial angle? Where does THAT come from? I saw a professional football player realizing a pinnacle in his career. Apparently a lot of so-called journalists saw an angry black man. Who are the real racists here?


The local transit authority TriMet is experimenting with beepers on buses to warn distracted pedestrians that, yes, a large vehicle is about to make a turn through the cross walk. To the surprise of no one, there have been an increase in the number of incidents of people walking in front of buses because they’re watching their devices. I see this a LOT. The situation in Portland is exacerbated due to the pedestrian/bike culture here. So, because some people can’t be bothered to employ even the most basic self-preservation protocols, others have to pay to do it for them? Not so long ago, walking cluelessly across a street would have been known as ‘natural selection’.


Every time there’s a big winter storm in the Midwest and East, I thank God I live where I do. I first noticed this when I lived in San Francisco. Except for a few winter gales, the climate’s pretty mild there, as it is in the valleys of Oregon and Washington. The only time I’ve seen anything approaching what the East deals with several times yearly last happened here in 2004.


The number of global warming models that predict more severe winter storms: Zero

These people are making this shit up as they go along. If the global climate is warming, then there should be a net increase in the global average temperature. It isn’t happening. The whole ‘global warming’ paradigm has morphed into ‘Let’s make stuff up so we can get money and control.’ Don’t believe me? Check the raw data. Then there’s the fact that the AGW crowd uses the language of religion to describe what they laughingly refer to as ‘science’.

There’s a saying in law school: If you can’t argue the facts, argue the law. If you can’t argue the law, argue the facts. If you can’t argue the facts or the law, pound the table.


You’ve been great. I’ll be here all week.







  1. Next thing you know, some safety Nazi will want to introduce into legislation an anti texting while you are walking bill, with regards to the global warming causes colder snowier winters thing, these same people who say global warming also said an ice age was upon us, to a thinking person who spends a lot of time out doors, this global warming thing is total farce!

  2. p.s. its cold here in the great lakes, some winters you get that, some winters are pretty mild, this one is not as cold as I have seen, we were due it! S.E. mi

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