Posted by: bkivey | 4 May 2014

Everybody’s Got One

Selections from recent Letters to the Editor.

From the 30 April Portland Mercury:

RE: The Portland Mercury, a free, urban weekly newspaper that primarily serves the population of Portland and those who visit it… and those who use the internet.

DEARMERCURY—Many of us live in the suburbs and don’t pick up your paper until we visit downtown on the weekends. By then it’s too late to catch your Wednesday and Thursday highlights in “My, What a Busy Week!” [Then maybe come to town before the weekend? How is this our problem?—Ed.] How about starting your week on Friday and ending with the following Wednesday and Thursday? I feel bad for the smaller crowds some of your Wednesday feature acts get. [How do you know that’s the case if you don’t get to town until the weekend?—Ed.] Yeah, I could check your online edition earlier [Yeah!—Ed.], but it’s still too late to plan for things on the day of a show.

Tony Laundrie

The Portland Mercury is the editorial younger sibling of  Willamette Week: while the latter paper has demonstrated editorial growth, the former is still very much in the teenage mode. I enjoy both papers for different reasons. What I enjoyed about this letter was the editorial comments. The writer thinks that other people should adjust their lives to them, and the editor makes it clear that that’s not gonna happen. Good for you,

From the 2 May edition of The Oregonian:

Minimum wage

On Wednesday, Senate Republicans (annual base salary $174,000 plus allowances and perks like health care and retirement) blocked a national minimum wage increase to $10.10.

Any American voter earning less than $50,000 annually who votes for a Republican has got a screw loose. Don’t be fooled, these folks really are all together with a secret handshake.
The Democrats aren’t much better, but at least they’re making an effort to fix the mess the Republicans handed them in 2008.
A little research shows that Senate Democrats earn the same same salary as Senate Republicans, with the same ‘allowances and perks’. And why is ‘$50,000 annually’ the magic number? Indeed, what does income have to do with the desire not to be dictated to by people who never outgrew childhood and have authority issues?
As for ‘. . . the mess the Republicans handed them in 2008?’ Hmmm. I’m trying to remember what happened in 2008. I believe there was a Presidential election. Who was elected? McCain? No, I do believe it was Barack Obama. Huh. As Tina once said: ‘Who’s zoomin’ who?’.
The Worst Timing Ever
I watched Game 6 of the Portland – Houston NBA series from a bar. Portland had a chance to close out the series on the home floor, and I wanted to experience the moment with a crowd. This was a fantastic series by two evenly matched teams. The first five games featured three overtimes. Every possession important; every point crucial. Houston appeared to be in control for much of Game 6, and in the waning minutes I closed out my tab. With the score 98 -96 Houston with 0.9 seconds left and a Blazer in-bound, I figured the Blazers would lose the game, and the series. Portland hasn’t escaped the first round of the playoffs since 2000, and I didn’t see much hope of winning in Houston for a Game 7 in front of the opposing teams fans.
So I left the bar.
I turned on the radio in the car just in time to hear the final play.
Batum inbound to Lilliard. Three point shot.
Count it.
I did get to hear the final play from the Blazer’s radio play-by-play man Brian Wheeler: I much prefer the radio announcing to TV, but I missed the undoubted pandemonium in the bar. Maybe next time, I’ll stick around for the last second.
WordPress doesn’t always format the way you’d like it to, and there’s no apparent fix. So the post looks like shit, and not much to be done about it. Apologies for the look.

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