Posted by: bkivey | 18 August 2014

Dude, Where’s My Blog?

The blog has been on unenforced hiatus, because: life. I have one business that has me jumping; I started another last month off the proceeds from the first business (aka bootstrapping). And because I had a few random hours left in the week, I agreed to do some consulting for a former employer.

Something had to give, and it was this blog. I feel guilty about my lack of attention, not because I have any great insights to share, but I do enjoy the process of developing an essay, and I have as many opinions as previously when I had more time. As one blogger whom I read regularly, and who also spent time away said “The less you write, the less you feel like writing.” I’ll see what I can do about posting more regularly.

Seattle Blues

Regular readers know that I like sports. I’ve played a few in various leagues, and I enjoy watching sport played well, especially if it’s a local team. The highlight of my day off Sunday was attending the Portland Thorns match against rival Seattle Reign. The Reign have been the class of the NWSL this year: no one else is even close. I’d bought my ticket weeks ago because the regular season closed against the Reign, and rivalry games are usually worth watching.

The 2013 champion Thorns have had a rough year. Injuries and a shaky back line have made the season more of an adventure than players or fans would have preferred. Of the nine teams in NWSL, the top four make the playoffs; everyone else goes home. Going into Sunday, Portland stood fifth on the table. The third and fourth seeds lost their games, so Portland was in with a chance. A win would catapult them to third place: anything else would close the season.

For Seattle, the match was a meaningless game. Sure, no athlete wants to lose, but there was nothing on the line. They’d secured their first- seed playoff spot. For the Thorns, the contest was essentially a single elimination playoff game.

Thorns Tifosi

Tifosi prior to the match. If your Spanish is a bit rusty, the sign says ‘(All) Everything I can imagine is real’. In literature, this would be foreshadowing. The smaller signs are individual portraits of the players.

And, fight!

Portland came out hard and strong. There was no let up from Minute One. They set up camp in Seattle’s half of the field. Seattle spent so little time in their attacking third, I was surprised they didn’t have to go through passport control. It was all Portland, all the time.

Enter the refs.

For the first half, it seemed that the referee crew was blind to the transgressions of the Reign. Blindside tackle; play on. Elbow? Play on. Thorn’s goal? Hey, there’s a foul. At the half the score was 0 –  0, which felt like a win against the Seattle side, and the refs were roundly bood.

The game felt like one where one goal would win it, and in the 68th minute, Alex Morgan found the back of the net with her head. It was the most important goal of the Thorns season.

Keeper Nadine Angerer was brilliant. The defense held. And when the final whistle blew, 17,000 + at Providence Park erupted.



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