Posted by: bkivey | 1 April 2015

White Privilege

White Privilege –  A term for societal privileges that benefit white people in western countries beyond what is commonly experienced by non-white people under the same social, political, or economic circumstances.


“White Privilege’ is a term often used by people of color and SJWs (Social Justice Warriors) to denote the perceived privilege White people enjoy in terms of access, employment, and general social acceptability. It is not complimentary. The contention is that by just existing, a White person is able to enjoy a more amenable life than a person of color. There is some controversy over the term, even in the Progressive ranks, and a purview of the Wikipedia article gives a good overview of those controversies. But there’s a glaring omission from that article, and every other discussion I’ve heard on the subject. The ‘What’ is addressed ad nauseum, but never a mention of the ‘Why’.  And the ‘Why’ gives insight into why the concept of White Privilege is flawed.

To the extent White Privilege exists, why is this so? It didn’t just come out nowhere, No Biblical figure came down from the mountain with White Privilege codified in stone. No one talks about this, because any discussion is immediately imputed with racist overtones by non-Whites and White SJWs. Well, I’m going there.

Biology. The biological imperative is Grow or Die. Every lifeform seeks to expand it’s domain and secure resources for it’s offspring. Organisms that can adapt and expand their domain succeed; those that can’t, don’t Humans have been amazingly successful at this, to the point that some think we’ve been a bit too successful. Humans are the apex lifeform on the planet. Say what you will about the weight of numbers of microbes and insects, you can purchase control agents for them at any grocery store. While, as some fear, we may be supplanted by constructs of our own creation, there aren’t any terminal biological threats to humanity,.

Even among species, there are sub-species that are more successful than others. ‘Success’ defined as resource procurement. In the Northwest, the non-native barred owl is rapidly supplanting the native spotted owl for habitat. The whole concept of ‘invasive species’ describes transplanted  organisms that take over a locally native species biological niche. Tennyson’s ‘red in tooth and claw’ describes the process of natural selection. Humans are part of the natural world. It’s irrational to think that we are somehow immune to natural law.

In all of human history, the ‘tribes’ that spread their influence the farthest came from northern Europe. There have at various times been other peoples that controlled large areas of the globe, but for sheer persistence and influence, no one has come close to those from northern Europe and their progeny in the United States and Canada. This is a matter of historical fact. If this makes you uncomfortable, that’s not my problem. As they say in sports: scoreboard. And that does make a lot of people uncomfortable. So much so that there is a constant assault on Whites for being successful in implementing the biological directive. So we have the basis of White Privilege. They are the most successful tribe of humans. And the mediocracy that make up most of the population (regardless of race) have an instinctive dislike of success by others. Like crabs in a broiler, they’ll try to pull the escapees back. But as I mentioned earlier, there is a major flaw in the concept: Asians.

Prior to contact with Europeans, Asian cultures were ancient, technically savvy, and doing quite well for themselves. For much of human history they were world leaders in culture and technology, and remain so to this day. The Mongols conquered large areas of the planet, but had no staying power. The Chinese were content to insulate themselves from the rest of the world, despite having much to offer. Currently they are the manufacturing engine for the Western world. The Japanese had a go at regional domination, but that didn’t turn out well. What the Asians (and I’m including the Indians from the subcontinent) did do was glom onto the Western culture of opportunity and technical prowess and make it their own. They have been enormously successful as a result.

‘White Privilege’ seems to be a code phrase for ‘competence’. Whites have it. Asians have it. Interesting how when ‘people of color’ reference themselves, Asians never seem to make the cut. So White Privilege is apparently something that can be obtained by non-Whites. But ‘acting White’ is strictly verboten in the activist world. I would submit that a large part of White Privilege exists today due to Western programs like affirmative action and other race and gender-based social subsidies. Consider:

You’re a hiring manager, and you have several candidates to choose from. Let’s be diverse and assume that you have a White male, White female, Black male, Asian female, and Latino female to choose from. You’ve already eliminated those candidates who majored in anything with ‘Studies’ in the title, so you’re reasonably certain the remaining candidates have some job-related skills. Without an interview, whom do you think is most likely to be able to do the job? The PC answer is ‘all of the above’, but that’s not how our society is set up, nor how people operate.

Assuming all the candidates went to schools of roughly equal quality, it’s almost certain the White male received no special treatment, indeed, may have had to overcome some ‘soft’ discrimination. But he probably knows his stuff. The Asian female, while likely the beneficiary of some help, is going to be perceived as intelligent based on her race. Not PC, but that’s the reality. Everyone else is likely to be considered to be a product of social promotion to one degree or another. Not fair? No. But that’s the reality of race and gender-based programs. They cheapen the real accomplishments of people. Every program that seeks to elevate a person of a particular race or gender entrenches the concept of White Privilege. For the professionally aggrieved activist seeking power, that’s what they need. Reject it.

Non-Whites are incessantly indoctrinated by those seeking power into believing that they can’t accomplish without someone’s help. That’s an extremely toxic message to a human being. Most American’s want to see people do as well as they can. If you’re not White, and want ‘White Privilege’, you can get it. Get educated in a useful field, expect that people will treat you with respect; treat them the same, and do your best, It works.


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