Posted by: bkivey | 18 June 2015

White Like Me

The shitstorm that’s sprung up around the revelation that former NAACP Spokane chapter president and former Eastern Washington University professor Rachel Dolzai was not, in fact, Black, has once again driven home the complete moral and intellectual bankruptcy of Progressivism. Ms. Dolzai is entirely a product of Progressivism, and her situation puts Progressives squarely in a dilemma.

  • For an ideology that’s always on about ‘equality’, they’ve shown again that they’re all about identity politics. Every position Ms. Dolzai held, and even her scholarship to Howard University, were opportunities she obtained, at least in part, on the perception she was Black. It’s hard to claim disadvantage when some jobs are more readily available if you happen to be non-White.
  • The expected outrage is necessarily muted because in the Progressive world, the Narrative must be maintained at all cost, even to the point of swallowing dignity and pride. Progressive ideology requires that the collective is sovereign to the individual, so vilification of Ms. Dolzai is fairly constrained.
  • Ms. Dolzai has put the Progressive notion of ‘inclusiveness’ to the test, and found it severely wanting. The fact that Progressives don’t believe their own rhetoric has again been publicly exposed. Where are all the people supporting Ms. Dolzai’s ‘chioce’?

Ms. Dolzai’s opinion that she can choose her racial identity may seem a logical outgrowth of the gender-choice section of the Narrative, but it has serious implications, none of which bode well for Progressives. The Progressive Narrative is based on inequality and disadvantage. The core of the Narrative is that dominant majority (White males) are the cause of all the world’s evil. With the idea that one can choose one’s gender, half the problem goes away. Now Ms. Dolzai has pioneered solving the other half. Want some White privilege? Self-identify as White. Boom. Problem solved. And so it goes for any problem perceived by Progressives. Because there are no absolutes in Progressivism, only relative perceptions governed by feelings, it seems that if everyone self-identifies as White male, there shouldn’t be any more social injustice.

White, White Baby (tune: Ice, Ice Baby)

Yo, check it out and listen
Rachel here with my brand new invention
Don’t like your race? Choose another.
You too can be a sister or a brother.
Like picking one of 82 genders
Take your race and put it in a blender.
Where will it stop? I don’t know
As long as I’m the star of the show
I’m assaulting tradition like a Vandal
Say I’m Black but wear Birkenstock sandals

Been told that being a victim was cool
Taught to hate myself from the first day of school
Darkened my skin and frizzed up my hair
Then I started bitchin’ how life wasn’t fair
People thought I was speaking truth to the Man
Not realizing I’m a casper with a tan.

If there’s a problem, the Left won’t solve it
Their only interest is to try and prolong it

White, White Baby
I’m narcissistic and crazy

White, White Baby
I’m narcissistic and crazy

She’s Always a Black Girl To Me (tune: She’s Always a Woman to Me)

Because the Progressive Narrative must at all costs be defended, some commentators have gone so far as to defend Ms. Dolzai’s actions.

Darkened her skin for awhile
She’s got blue in her eyes
She has ruined our faith with deliberate lies
And she only reveals what she wants you to see
She thinks like a child
But she’s always a Black girl to me

She can lead you to believe
She’s oppressed and a victim
And you can ask for the truth
But you just can’t believe her
And she’ll take what you give her as long as it’s free
Yeah, she stole identity
But she’s always a Black girl to me

Oh, she takes care of herself
She can be Black if she wants
She’s a result of her times
Oh, and it’s never her fault
And she’ll never own up
She just changes the subject


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