Posted by: bkivey | 6 July 2015

Thoughts on the Holiday Weekend

The past weekend featured 4 July, or Independence Day in the US.  This used to be a Big Deal. The Colonies broke away from England, fought a war lasting eight years against the dominant superpower of the day, and with help from France and Germany, managed to become an independent nation. And on the 239th anniversary of the Declaration, a growing number of people want to become dependent again.

Not that this is any big surprise. The Progressive thought virus has convinced people that freedom of thought and action is a bad thing, and they’d be much better off if their betters (institutional ruling class) told them what to think, what to do, what opinions were palatable for the day. A nation of children, and we’ve allowed it to happen.

When I was a child, and into my 20’s, I liked the Fourth. Parades, fairs, fireworks, and flag-waving.  It was fun. Depending on your job, you’d get the day off. But the nation has aged along with me, and not for the better. Now the news is filled with the nattering nabobs of negativity: celebrating the nation’s Founding is akin to supporting the killing of baby seals. I listened to a couple of radio shows that did “man-in-the-street’ interviews and while the samples were probably skewed, there’s no reason an American should be ignorant of their nation’s founding. Yet many people seem to be ignorant of not only the time, but the reason for America’s founding. If you lose your roots, you’ve lost your way.  And the ignorant people weren’t even ashamed of their ignorance. They laughed off their cluelessness like it was no big deal. But it is.

Perhaps the folks interviewed were ashamed, or perhaps they were existentially ignorant. The United States of America is, hands down, the greatest country the world has seen, and the most audacious social experiment undertaken. If you can name a nation-state that has done more to advance the human spirit than this one, let me know. And yes, I’m including England.

I think it’s safe to say that the experiment has failed. We had a good run, but it appears the majority of people don’t want freedom; they want security. Give most people three squares and a bed, and they’ll do whatever you say. It’s sad, pathetic, and entirely natural. America is about freedom of will and individual choice, but it’s hard to do that. It takes exceptional individuals to embrace those concepts, and most people aren’t exceptional.

I last attended a Fourth celebration some ten years ago. I’m not a crusty old curmudgeon, but I can’t get behind the rah-rah when I know that most of those in attendance are serfs to the State, and voted themselves into it. Think it’s tough being a pimp; try being a patriot.

Hey Japan, the US called and Wants Their Trophy Back

I watched most of the FIFA World Cup Women’s soccer game, because it was a sport’s championship, and the first ever rematch in Women’s World Cup.  Japan beat the US in the last iteration of the Cup in 2011, and it was apparent the US was out for blood. I started watching at 30 minutes in, which means I missed Carli Lloyd scoring a hat trick inside 20 minutes. That’s incredible.

Even after the own-goal in the 52nd minute, the US had a comfortable lead. And while the US side could have played ball control and run the clock, the team pushed the pace and shelled Japan’s goal. They wanted this game. The Japanese ball control and passing was impressive, but the US team was not going to be denied. Chapeau!

The Worst Internet Trend

I share a house and Internet with my landlord, and last month we noticed our data rate increasing. We both use about the same bandwidth monthly, so usage likely wouldn’t figure. We both noticed that websites increasingly use video ads.  Video sucks up more bandwidth than static images, so it’s likely our increased usage was the result of those same-same video ads.

So we have a situation in which we have to adjust our data plan, or switch providers (which we did), in order to accommodate advertisers sucking up our bandwidth. What this amounts to is our subsidizing people to send us advertising. I call bullshit. I may have to spend an afternoon looking into ways to curtail or prevent this practice.


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