Posted by: bkivey | 13 September 2015

Hoppin’ and Poppin’

The local Single A (short season) Hillsboro Hops baseball team won their second consecutive Northwest League championship Sunday.  This championship was a bit more difficult than last year, when the Hops seemingly cruised to victory. The season  ended in a three game series between the Hops and the Tri-City Dust Devils. The Devils and the Hops were evenly matched, splitting the dozen games they played during the regular season. Accordingly, the teams split the first two games of the championship series.  So really the season came down to which team could record the most runs prior to accumulating 27 outs.  This is good stuff.

The Hops are affiliated with the Arizona Diamondbacks, and the organization brought pitcher Carlos Hernandez over from their Single A (long season) club to pitch in the championship. He struggled with control early, hitting a batter and allowing a run, but was otherwise effective. Not so with Devils starter Jose Castillo. The Hops put up a crooked number in the 2nd inning, and he was done. The game settled into a pitcher’s duel between the Hops starter and the Devils bullpen. The Hops defense pulled off some astonishing plays, and the offense got two more insurance runs in the top of the ninth to seal the deal with a 6 -1 win.

The Hops have been in Hillsboro for three years, and I’ll usually get to a couple of games a year. My excursion on the game experience is here. The owners have built a nice ballpark, the fans fill the seats, even on weekdays, and the Diamondbacks have responded by sending their best prospects to it. This year the team had the top six draft picks; an unheard of collection of talent. Single A (short) may be near the bottom of the baseball food chain, but Hillsboro is starting to make a name for itself.

Chapeau, Hops!

Of Mice and Men II

Mice: 1 Me: 1

I put peanut butter on the trap, and it worked. I was amazed to see that the mouse had consumed all but a trace of the peanut butter before springing the trap.

I felt a little bad, because the mouse wasn’t malevolent. It was being a mouse. It had been in the house since I moved in, and I hadn’t paid it much mind because it didn’t impact my life. However, when you become a messy roommate, you’re done.

Vacation Anticipation

My last job ended Sunday morning, so no more work for a week. But I have to buy a company truck Monday morning. Vacation won’t start until that bit of business is concluded.

It appears I’ve lost the weather lottery for Vancouver: it’s supposed to rain every day I’m there. But the weather for Calgary still looks good for most of my stay. Given a choice, I’d much rather have good weather for Calgary than Vancouver. I can always take a long weekend and give Vancouver another go. From a vacation standpoint, weather in the US and Canada this time of year is problematical, but given my business situation, I can’t really afford to go during the sunny months. I suppose I’ll find out what sort of museums Vancouver has to offer.





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