Posted by: bkivey | 27 September 2015

Canada Vacation Pt. 7

20 September 2015

Although I’d been in Calgary for three days, I hadn’t actually seen downtown save from the air. I’d entertained the idea of taking a couple hours Sunday and driving around the metro core, but my flight was scheduled for 1250, and I didn’t want to miss it. After packing and breakfast, I turned in the car, and walked in the terminal at 1000.

After filling out the US Customs form, I was directed to the security line. I don’t know if there is separate line for US citizens, but the line I was in was much shorter than the other one. There are stickers throughout the departure area announcing that the area is a US Security Zone. This may be to make people feel better, but I suspect they mark an area where people are subject to more severe penalties for infractions than in other areas. It feels oppressive.

Got a coffee at Tim Hortons, then looked for an out-of-the way area of the departure lounge with an electrical outlet. Found a corner and commandeered four seats (not many people), pulled out my computer and files, and set up an office.

Whatever else I may think about Air Canada, every flight left the gate on the dot. A good look at Mt. Rainier and Mt. Adams; too much cloud cover to see Mt. St. Helens. I was on the wrong side of the plane to see Mt. Hood, but I know from experience it’s an impressive sight on the approach to Portland.

My bag made the flight this time.

Caught the MAX out to Hillsboro, where’d I’d arranged to be picked up at the station. I told my ride he was my favorite person of the week. Got home, threw the bag on the bed, went to my desk, and got to work. My 2015 vacation was in the books.



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