Posted by: bkivey | 10 October 2015

Entry-Level Jobs Going Away

For everyone agitating for a $15/hr minimum wage, I give you this:


McDonalds self-serve terminals

Those are soon-to-be-activated self-serve terminals at a local McDonald’s. How many minimum-wage jobs do you think will be eliminated here? A machine can ask if you ‘want fries with that’ just as well as a person, and over time the unit cost is lower.

Progressives are Statists. They don’t understand that natural systems are dynamic. You can’t change just one thing. I expect that if people aren’t’ outright let go, this McDonald’s, and every other, will seriously slow down their hiring. There’s at least one person per shift who won’t be required anymore. Multiply that by every fast-food joint on the planet.

So once again, the Progressives have entered in to the ‘Unintended But Completely Predictable Consequence’ zone.  And again, the very people they outwardly champion will be the ones most negatively affected by their policies.

There’s nothing wrong or shameful about working fast-food, Hell, I did it in high school (although not McDonald’s): it’s honest work and can be fun. But the fact of the matter is that entry-level jobs are just that: entry-level. In the normal progression no one should work minimum-wage jobs for more than a few months. If you switch fields, yeah, you may have to start at the bottom again. But once you find your groove you’ll advance well beyond minimum-wage if you have any amount of talent or work ethic. If you can’t advance beyond what other people give you, then you’ll have to admit to yourself that you’re just not capable.

In a free society there needs to be an entry-level job market. It;s how people get a start at earning for themselves, and learn valuable lessons in social orientation. Progressives are working overtime to take that opportunity away in the name of kindergarten ‘fairness’. The $15/hr minimum wage is a disguised attempt at limiting social mobility and keeping people dependent on the beneficence of others. I find it difficult to believe that some proponents for an increased wage don’t understand the import of what they’re doing: perpetuating a permanent underclass; people they can use as a power base.

Progressives are once again shooting society in the foot through ill-conceived initiatives. American society was founded on the premise that each person would have the opportunity to find their own level. Mandating an unrealistic wage structure without regard to how business will respond undermines the concept, and creates unnecessary friction.

If you want to make $15/hr, I reckon you better learn how to maintain those machines.


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