Posted by: bkivey | 24 November 2015

Racism by Proxy

On 19 November Colin Binkley  wrote a story describing the alleged vandalism of portraits of Black professors at Harvard Law School. Apparently black tape had been placed over the images of some, but not all, Black professors. I don’t know that the action rises to the level of’vandalism’, but certainly ‘defaced’. Harvard police are investigating the action as a hate crime. Coming the day after demonstrations by students of color, people are understandably nervous.

The usual people are making the usual noises, but I (and likely the police) approach this with a degree of skepticism. It seems that every time a person alleges a racial incident, there’s usually no corroborating evidence. It’s nearly always a case of the victim relating something they saw or heard. In the cases where there is physical evidence, in every case I’m aware of, the ‘victim’ is also the perpetrator. This site details over 200 incidents of racism hoaxes dating back to at least 1980.

Despite the overwhelming evidence that most, if not all, race crimes are fabrications, the Progressive reaction never changes. Much denouncing of racism, much hand-wringing, many promises that society will do better. When the hoax is exposed, the reaction is . .  crickets. No apologies, no retractions, no shame at being duped yet again. But of course the reaction won’t change. Such incidents fulfill the Progressive worldview of a racist society that must be taken to task and punished. Progressives don’t learn from experience; if they could, they wouldn’t be Progressives, and any incident, no matter how false, that fits the Narrative is to be applauded. The circular reasoning is that even though the incidents are fake, they represent a larger truth, even though the only evidence for that larger truth is false.

The perpetration of racial hoaxes has much in common with the mental disorder Munchausen by Proxy,  a condition where a caregiver will induce symptoms in a child in order to draw attention to themselves. As disturbing as the condition is in the individual, it’s much more frightening when it affects society at large.

The acceptance of racism hoaxes, even the fact that someone would consider such an action, is the confluence of self-indulgent individuals with no moral compass and a lifetime of negative conditioning. Western society has simultaneously been telling people that they are deserving of reward without effort and  personal setbacks are the result of outside forces beyond the individuals control. This unholy combination creates weak, dependent, selfish individuals. No society where these folks are the majority, or even a significant minority, can long endure.

Successful, vibrant societies reward achievement and celebrate excellence. The bar for recognition is high. The Third Rule of Management is ‘People work to expectations’, and when expectations are high, people do amazing things and contribute. But when a society rewards victimhood and celebrates mediocrity, the bar for recognition is low enough to trip over.  People aren’t stupid, but as part of the natural world, most will look for the easiest way to accomplish a goal. If the goal is to get attention, a natural human desire, then why work hard for legitimate accomplishment and positive contributions when it’s so much easier to be a victim. When a society devolves to the point where there’s no shame and few consequences for deception, even deception that ruins lives, that society is in full-on decline headed rapidly for extinction.

Racism exists: it’s part of human nature and at one time a survival mechanism. The perpetration of racism hoaxes is a desperate attempt by Progressives to make the world fit the Narrative. The fact is that American society has made huge leaps in racial acceptance, and the overt, ugly racism of a half-century ago doesn’t exist. If you want that, you’ll have to go to Hawai’i.

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