Posted by: bkivey | 21 April 2016

Acknowledging Reality

On 14 April Washington Post reporter Yanan Wang wrote a story on the school district in Kingsburg, California passing a measure allowing teachers to pack heat. While such policies are in place in several other states, including, unsurprisingly, Texas, this is the first California school district to allow concealed carry in schools. The motivating factor is the growing realization that simply declaring schools a ‘gun-free zone’ does exactly nothing to prevent mass shootings. Nor do the myriad Federal, state, and local regulations prohibiting firearms in school zones, or the fact that armed assault and murder have always been illegal. Words on paper are no defense against a deranged individual putting bullets in people.

Firearms exist. That’s a fact, and all the wishful thinking to the contrary won’t change it. To think otherwise is irrational, as is the belief that simply banning something will automatically force compliance. All ‘gun-free zones’ do is signal to those intent on doing harm that there will be little or no resistance should they decide to act. Sure, the police will be called, but the reality is that the shooter is on site now, and the police aren’t. A lot of damage can be done in the minutes between the call and the appearance of law enforcement.

There’s no small amount of controversy on arming teachers. A student or students could overpower and disarm the teacher, firearms could be misplaced, an armed teacher having a bad day could themselves be a threat. And those are just some of the physical security issues. On the human side, would a person without a military or law enforcement mindset bring themselves to shoot someone?

There are measures and procedures that can be emplaced to mitigate the concerns, but arming teachers is a more rational response to school shootings than what we’ve been doing. We’ve tried the non-violent approach for decades, and all we have to show for it is a lot of dead children. At the very least, allowing teachers to carry can’t be worse than that. I’d wager that schools where teachers are known to be armed will be much less likely to be targeted for violence. Acknowledging reality is a much more effective way to deal with a problem than magical thinking.

Democrat Speaks the Truth

During the NCAA Division I men’s basketball tournament, Vice President Joe Biden was brought on to comment on the proceedings. Joe Biden has been in a media dungeon during Obama’s second term: seldom seen or heard. During the radio appearance. the reporter asked a leading question seeking Biden’s opinion on how sports related to American society. Mr. Biden opined that in sports, those individuals and teams with the most talent, ambition, and highest work ethic were the most successful.


That worldview is so far away from the Democrat/Progressive reservation as to be heresy. If the US were the worker’s paradise Progressives would like to have, we’d be looking for a new VP. Joe Biden had the temerity to speak truth, but I couldn’t help but wonder if he said that to tweak the Administration. If he really believes what he said, why is he a Democrat?

CEO Speaks Truth to Progressives

Jeffrey Immelt is the CEO of General Electric, and I’d had no reason to know who he was prior to the publication of an essay earlier this month in the Washington Post. The piece was in response to remarks by Democratic Presidential hopeful Bernie Sander’s comments that GE was one of the companies ‘destroying the moral fabric’ of the country. Mr. Immelt’s exposition is a cogent refutation of Mr. Sander’s in particular and Progressivism in general. Worth the read.

The Least Popular Bumper Sticker in Portland

Last year I designed a bumper sticker to refute the Progressive love affair with socialism. After I paint and install a new rear bumper on my car, it’s going on.



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