Posted by: bkivey | 23 May 2016

Cleaning Up the Blog Pile

Some items from the bottom of the blog pile before they get too old:

From the 17 April Op-Ed pages of The Oregonian comes a piece written by a local landlord responding to hate mail he received to a Craigslist rental listing. Jeff Wallach absolutely lays the wood to the sorry excuses for oxygen thieves who fly the Progressive banner in Portland.

A 24 April opinion piece by Nishant Bhajaria provides a well-reasoned commentary on why Bernie Sanders isn’t qualified to run for dog-catcher, to say nothing of Chief Executive. It seems Mr. Bhajaria is a naturalized citizen voting in his first American national election, yet he has a better grasp of what this country is about and how it operates than the vast great majority of the native-born population.

Warm Springs Lumber Mill

About two hours southeast of Portland is the Warm Springs Indian Reservation. Sitting somewhat incongruously in the high desert is a sawmill miles from any forest. Prior to construction of the casino and resort complex, it was the primary employer on the reservation. I’ve always wondered why the mill was sited where it is, as sawmills are generally built as close to the trees as possible. That’s all moot now: the tribe announced the closure of the mill due to curtailed supply. (The citation is a stub; I wasn’t able to find the full article online).

The Federal government controls the forest from which timber was harvested, and also administers the reservation. As restrictions were placed on timber harvesting, the mill ran into financial trouble, which caused the Feds to further restrict harvesting. Earlier this year the Feds cut off the harvesting entirely, depriving the mill of its raw material. Another illustration of government largess and deprivation.

There Goes the Neighborhood

Forest Grove is a town on the western edge of the Portland metro area known for Pacific University and a slower pace of life. It’s a place I’d consider living if most of my work wouldn’t be an hour away. Folks who live in Forest Grove like living in Forest Grove.

And that’s about to change.

Thrillist, described as a ‘men’s digital lifestyle magazine’, named Forest Grove as Portland’s best suburb. While the town may be something of a bedroom community for Nike and Intel, it’s a real honest-to-God town rather than a metropolitan add-on. I read a few articles on the site, and calling Forest Grove a suburb is indicative of the type of lazy editing that seems to be Thrillist’s hallmark. One of the attractions noted was ‘a decent commute’. Anyone who thinks Forest Grove is ‘a decent commute’ from Portland either doesn’t live here, or moved from Los Angeles.

It’s no secret that Portland traffic ranges from bad to impassable. It’s amusing listening to transplants complain about the traffic: I’m thinking ‘Why do you think that is?” A person living in Forest Grove commuting to Portland can expect an hour or more each way. Hillsboro (Intel) and Beaverton (Nike) are accessible, but Portland?

The fact is that urban sprawl is taking over the area. The 16 miles of road between Beaverton and Forest Grove are almost completely lined with infrastructure. Times change and people are going to live where they like, but the folks at Thrillist aren’t helping.




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