Posted by: bkivey | 24 June 2016

Just Making It Up

I almost feel sorry for Progressives. They really believe they are on the right side of history, although they demonstratively aren’t. But they have passion and feeling, and to their mind, that’s all that counts. ‘I can change the world!’ ‘I will follow my passion and make people see the truth!’

The real world doesn’t care.

And by ‘real world’ I mean the observable universe. I won’t belabor points I’ve made in previous posts, but if your worldview doesn’t comport with the natural world, you’re in for a life of constant disappointment.

People are animals: we are as much a part of the planet and universe as any species extant.  People are governed by brains developed over millions of years of evolution. The most primitive areas of the human brain are active in modern humans. The most successful forms of government recognize this. Wishful thinking isn’t going to change this reality. You can’t fight biology: to do so is to war against oneself.

My motivation for the post is that Progressives have a particular mechanism for expressing superiority, and that’s the ‘We can’t do this because of that’ syndrome.

The general form is ‘We can’t do this thing because some group may be offended’. This is whole-cloth fabrication. I have never in my life seen representatives of the allegedly offended group represented by themselves in any forum. Almost invariably the self-appointed spokesperson for the allegedly offended are White privileged people. That in itself should be a clue. The utterers of these statements are not only making-up problems that don’t exist, they get to feel superior to those of us not ‘aware’ with no real effort on their part. It’s a win for the Progressive, and a loss for society in general. Society is ill-served when divisiveness is the order of the day.

But divisiveness is what Progressivism is about. The philosophy can’t stand on its merits, and even the most cursory rational examination shows it to be fundamentally flawed. The only way Progressives can establish power and give their lives meaning is to invent problems, pit group against group over these fabricated crises, then offer themselves as ‘the voice of calm and reason’ when they created the controversy in the first place. No rational being would stand for this malarkey for one second, but Progressivism is successful because our neurological limbic structures are far older than our intellectual cortex, so it’s much easier to get people to respond to emotional triggers.

No organization, institution, or species can long survive the willful ignorance of reality. In the long run nature will be what it is, and while nature can be circumvented in the short term, the longer the term of deviance, the more violent the correction.










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