Posted by: bkivey | 6 July 2016

Civil Defense

‘You can’t talk to a man with a shotgun in his hand’

Carole King

Smackwater Jack 1971

Last month’s shooting at the Pulse nightclub in Miami was a national tragedy. 102 casualties. 49 dead. One shooter. A ‘gun-free’ zone.

And all our government can do is offer conciliation.

That’s not good enough.

The facts are clear. The shooter passed through any number of security screenings and was never ‘red-flagged’, although he was terminated from several law-enforcement programs. Despite warning signs, he was allowed a firearm license and security guard license in the State of Florida. Someone affiliated with a religion hostile to gays, and who had threatened to shoot people for casual infractions was allowed to own a firearm. In a free society, anyone should be allowed to worship however they like, but when the shooting starts, the standards change.

Gay folks by and large tend to vote Democrat. That party is all about non-judgement as long as the individual actions agree with the party line. Do what you want, and as long as it serves The Narrative, we’ll go along with it. Our national institutions have ‘gone along with it’ to the point where people’s lives are in danger, and respect for the necessary institutions is rapidly waning.

Despite what they tell you, government can’t protect you from individual action. There’s you, and there’s an imminent threat to your life. The cops aren’t there. What are you going to do? A growing number of police departments are realizing this and issuing PSA’s to that effect. We won’t be there when shit goes down. Get a gun: get trained. At one time the cops felt they could handle the situation. Now they realize that national leadership has failed to mitigate the threat, and they’re looking for partners. That’s us.

The fact is we’re on the front lines of a war unacknowledged by the national leadership. That in itself is deadly dangerous. There will be more mass shootings, likely religiously or politically motivated. Given the evidence, do you really think the government you put your faith in will protect you?

Perhaps it’s time for a paradigm shift.

I grew up in one of the hotter parts of the Cold War. Nuclear annihilation was a real concern, Living on or very near military bases, I understood that even in a so-called ‘limited exchange’, my chances of survival were not good. My childhood was after the ‘duck and cover’ phase, but there was some civil defense  training. Fallout shelters were common sights on the bases where we lived, and many civilian buildings were so designated. The point is that people were oriented toward protecting themselves to the extent possible, however passive those means may have been. But an active shooter isn’t an ICBM. There are defenses.

Because the Left adheres to the fallacy that saying something makes it so, you may find yourself in a ‘gun-free’ zone where someone has brought a gun. As a law-abiding citizen you are disarmed, but not without the means for self-defense.

A shooter is on a mission. They want to do the most damage in the least amount of time, and they have chosen their target(s) with an eye toward ease of execution. Running and hiding are viable options, as was shown in the Pulse scenario, but if you’re in close proximity to the shooter, not so much. Your life is in imminent danger.

Throw stuff. In a scenario like Pulse, there are any number of things you can use to distract the shooter, including the drink in your hand. To get off an effective shot, the shooter needs line-of-sight, a steady hand, and situational awareness. Anything you can do to disrupt those things helps you. Sure, you may take damage, but perhaps not life threateningly. In this scenario, you’re as good as dead. Make the price expensive.

Close with the attacker. Seize the initiative. This is counter to what most people will do, which is panic. The shooter is out to kill you. You have nothing to lose. They’ve made the decision for you. If you panic, you’re an easy target. Don’t be an easy target. You may die, but don’t die easy.

Let me be clear. I am not a military or security professional. I have never faced an active shooter. I do shoot regularly. I have learned the lessons of the schoolyard in my youth. I cannot say what I would do if faced with a mass shooting scenario. I may well panic, I may well die. My point is that like civil defense in the Cold War, people think about ways to survive.




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