Posted by: bkivey | 24 September 2016

2016 Vacation Pt. 3

Wednesday was a travel day; so a bit of a wash. I was going from Buffalo to Detroit, or traveling the length of Lake Erie. Apparently there’s only one airline offering direct service, and they raised the price for the trip over $100 while I was booking the flight. So a quick, relatively inexpensive trip turned into something else. I ended up having to go to Detroit by way of Philadelphia. The trip price was reasonable, but the time required ballooned.

By this time lack of sleep was catching up, so I slept on the way out, woke up long enough to change planes, and slept on the way to Detroit. The captain of the PHL – DTW flight actually came into the cabin to encourage passengers to listen to the safety briefing. I always do, and review the safety cards, because as many times as you’ve heard them, it’s been shown that unless they practice, people under stress forget training. If my plane goes down and I survive, I want to know how to get off that thing as fast as possible.

I was surprised to find that the Detroit airport is about the same size as Buffalo. I’d expected an airport that served the heart of American automobile manufacturing to be somewhat larger. While taxiing to the terminal we passed a 747 on the way to takeoff. The Queen of the Skies is fast disappearing, and while I’ve been riding airplanes for decades, my lack of a 747 ride is a glaring hole in my traveler resume’. I was able to find that airlines operating the 747 out of Detroit all go to Asia, so if I want a ride, I may have to adjust my vacation plans.

A couple of items of interest in the airport:

The dryer in the bathroom where I’d just washed my face:


Old-school dryers had a nozzle you could point up. New school: not so much. There were no paper towels.

A phone card machine:


In the computer service industry, an ID10T code is a disparaging reference to clueless people. I wondered about this company’s choice of branding.

Some unusual clouds outside the airport:



The second photo gives a better idea of the wave-like nature of the clouds. It was striking.

By the time I got to the hotel in Dearborn it was after 4, so no time to really do anything, and frankly no ambition to do it. Took a nap, got some food, and had a look ahead to the next part of the trip.



  1. Welcome to metro Detroit, I suggest the Henry Ford museum, much more than cars there, a lot of industrial revolution stuff.

  2. Thanks for the welcome, Joe. I did get to the Ford museum, as well as many other parts of Michigan. Report to follow, but bottom line, I like Michigan.

    • Very good!

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