Posted by: bkivey | 23 October 2016

The Last Refuge

The last several years in Western society have felt like falling off a -exp(x) cliff as Progressivism has become the dominant political force with the subsequent push to the fore of previously fringe concerns. While a fascinating social experiment, it’s a terrifying place to live. The only certainty is that freedom is losing ground fast as the more ruthless Leftists rush to secure a place among the ruins of Western civilization. It looks like a very small minority of hysterical psychopaths are driving society (they are). One might reasonably wonder just what in the hell is going on?

I wondered, too, but the past couple of months have given me an idea. I think we’re seeing Progressive thought leaders realizing their policies are unmitigated disasters. Their followers are slower to catch on, but the message is starting to get through. Now that the Left, and to our great misfortune, the rest of us, are living in the world of their making, they’re discovering they can’t cope with the Universe.

I’ve talked about why the Progressive societal vision can never work, but briefly Progressives are ignorant of how the natural world works. Their philosophy has little foundation in reality. As theory that’s fine; as practice it ranges from mildly annoying to death for millions. Progressivism has its points, but they shouldn’t be the basis for a society.

The Occupy movement of 2011 was probably the first time since the anti-nuke protests of the 80’s the Left felt like they had a cause to support in large numbers. While almost no one outside Occupy took the movement seriously, I mean, what are a bunch of privileged First-Worlders protesting, it gave common cause to many on the political fringes. Aided and abetted by local governments, Occupy provided a semi-official safe space. Occupy was likely also the first time most Americans found out how far the Left had infiltrated government. People expect changes in power at the Federal and State levels, but local government has traditionally been more stable in terms of maintaining health and safety standards. When the City of Baltimore failed to protect life and property during the 2015 riots, the surprise wasn’t as great as it might have been.

Citizens in the Western world are less secure than they’ve been since the Cold War. The difference is the threat isn’t some faceless enemy thousands of miles away, but people living right next to you. The Fifth Column has been enormously successful. All the levers of power are controlled by the Left or those allied with them. It’s a coarser, more fearful society, and there’s a direct connection between that sorry state of affairs and Progressive policies.

Foreign policy, domestic policy, health care policy, energy policy, education policy: The Left’s initiatives are tanking or failing fast. Despite much of the media acting as semi-official government propagandists, people are starting to notice. Progressives had their hopes pinned on the Millennials, and those folks aren’t really playing ball. Faced with the threat of a reduction in power, the Left has doubled down, becoming ever shriller about ever more trivial things.

Things really started moving with the Treyvon Martin incident. Even though witnesses said they fabricated the events reported, the Narrative was that America was a racist country full of trigger-happy White people itching to eliminate People of Color. Then a spate of ‘hate’ crimes. I can’t recall a widely reported ‘hate’ crime in the last decade that didn’t turn out to be a hoax. When your political comrades have to invent the reality they accuse others of inhabiting in order to have any shred of relevancy, that’s a clue.

Progressivism has always been shielded by the fact it can only thrive in rich societies. The dynamic tension is that thriving societies sow and nurture the seeds of their own destruction. Because the Left is composed primarily of the immature, they depend on the ‘adults’, those who actually build and do things, to take care of them and their misguided attempts at governance. They do expect others to clean up their messes.

However, when the immature are in charge of the institutions they’ve depended on to protect them, they ‘reform’ those institutions so they are no longer effective as embodiments of societal values. Now Progressives must face the consequences of their actions, and they don’t like it. I give you: California.

The Left is also discovering that just being is unsatisfying. Progressives aren’t leaders: they have no concrete core values. No morals. In every Utopia I’m aware of, no one really does anything. Society just is. Human society works best when people of vision move folks in a way that improves the standard of living. Aside from the fact that say, cheap, plentiful food is a good thing, humans enjoy challenges. Especially challenges that yield concrete results.

The Left doesn’t go in for that sort of thing. They all think they know better than the proles, and they all think they’ll be the ones in power. The reality is that a powerful few rule fiefdoms, and everyone else is a serf subject to the whims of their betters. Progressivism is the Law of the Jungle in a pretty outfit. Capitalism turns the wolf to the betterment of society; Progressivism is just the wolf.

So now the Left has come full circle. The last several months of a nascent neo-Civil Rights movement demonstrates the utter failure of Progressive governance. Listening to these folks, you’d think the last 60 years never happened. Even the language is identical. The world they’re protesting doesn’t exist. And if it did, that would be a devastating indictment of the Left in itself. The Left built a world, and they don’t like it. They can’t run, but they can try to hide.

Before too many of the people they’ve duped for decades wake up and start looking hard at them, the Left has gone to the last thing they were absolutely, positively, unequivocally in the Right about: civil rights. It’s their new camouflage. Activism is the last refuge of the incompetent.





  1. Blair–
    Good stuff.

    • Hi Wayne,

      Thanks for reading. How’d your trip to Tigard go (or have you gone yet)?

  2. Levers of power, in this case, the media are all in for someone they know is criminally crooked, they don’t care that Hillary is a nasty lying crooked person, the left in this country has been pushing to this end for over a hundred years with fabien socialist policy’s since the late 1800’s. At least Pravda told you who they were.

    • Hi Joe,

      Thanks for your comments. I’ve been actively not paying attention to political ads, but my impression is pretty much the entirety of Hillary’s appeal is that she’s a woman. So I’m supposed to vote for a patriarchy-enabling person of pallor whose very existence creates stress and confusion among People of Color simply because they have indoor plumbing? The Left must either willfully compartmentalize their mental functions (psychosis), or they are completely lacking in self-awareness (not sentient).

  3. Joe– yes, it’s been a 100+ year slog for these Statists. No matter who is elected on November 8th, I personally am devoting my time/energy to the Convention of States Project. Washington will never reform or constrain itself. Article 5 is the last legal, non-violent way, to change things.

    Yo, Blair–
    Speaking of political adverts– my local TV stations are clogged with ads, local & national. Been receiving a lot of election junk mail as well, all local.
    All of it is what I would characterize as “heavy class-warfare.”
    And speaking of “up North” Michigan, its been snowing lightly up near the Bridge the last 2 days. It won’t stick, but the Farmers Almanac claims we are in for a harsh winter.

    >>My G-Daughter just flew into Michigan this week (from Virginia), we are taking the Ferry across Lake Michigan (to Milwaukee) this weekend, then on-board the Empire Builder route to PDX and Tigard.
    (Christmas came early– Mom & Dad bought her a nice GoPro Camera for the trip,–but I’ll be using analog film.)

    • Hi Wayne,

      The Convention of States is as you say, but my understanding of history suggests that events won’t be so tidy.

      The undercurrent where I live is that we’re in for a less pleasant-than-normal Winter. I saw a woolly bear this week looking quite bushy. We never did settle into our normal Summer pattern, so who knows. As long as the earth don’t shake and the volcanoes don’t blow I guess we’re OK.

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