Posted by: bkivey | 8 December 2016

ACA Denial

“And every one that heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth them not, shall be likened unto a foolish man, which built his house upon the sand:”

Matthew 7:26 KJV

In October the local paper of record published an article by Amy Goldstein of The Washington Post covering a speech by President Obama in which he talked about the Affordable Care Act (I am unable to find this article to link). The gist of the speech seems to have been that more Americans than ever have health care insurance, even as the law has made coverage more expensive for many.

The first part is true, and the president tried to spin the second part as a feature rather than a bug, or at least not something really worth worrying about, because there’s more legislation to be passed and more money to be appropriated. And if future presidents and Congresses won’t do that, they’re waging war on society’s most vulnerable.

Six years after implementation, the ACA is working, or more accurately not working, exactly as every rational person said it would. Every dire outcome has been realized, and nearly none of the benefits. Sure, some folks have health care insurance that wouldn’t have before, but they’re not paying for it. The cost curve is not bending downward, families are not saving the touted $2500 annually in health costs, insurance is not becoming more affordable, and health plan selection is becoming ever more limited. All predicted, and all pooh-poohed by Democrats as Republican fear-mongering. It’s a train wreck of legislation that was known to be a train wreck by those who pushed it. The fact is that ACA was never about increased access to health care. It was always, as is every Democrat initiative, a way to gain control over people.

ACA can be traced back to the 1960’s government health care programs of Medicare and Medicaid. Old people vote, so the thinking was the more old people the politicians could enslave help through other people’s money, the more power they could retain. The next step was to get younger voters hooked on government largess, and that process came to fruition with Hillarycare in 1994. Progressives are nothing if not patient, and Hillarycare morphed into the Obamacare of 2010. Passed on single-party vote after some shady deal-making, ACA is President Obama’s legacy legislation.

Except he doesn’t want it. In his speech he stated:

“They can even change the name to Reagancare or PaulRyancare. I don’t care about credit, I just want it to work.”

Well, he was all about the credit from 2006 to 2014. Now that the law is fully implemented, he wants no part of it. What he does want is for others to clean up the mess. That’s a bit of a reversal from 2009:

“But I don’t want the folks who created the mess to do a lot of talking. I want them to get out of the way so we can clean up the mess. I don’t mind cleaning up after them, but don’t do a lot of talking.”

Obama and his minions created the mess, and now they’re doing a lot of talking. Part of the talking is that in order to address the systemic flaws of ACA, there should be an expansion of subsidies. Let’s be clear: if a system can’t operate without continuous injection of outside resources, it is by definition not sustainable. Calling for a massive infusion of money is precisely the reason health care costs are out of control. There’s no correlation between cost, service, and ability to pay. It is the antithesis of the free-market system of inherent cost control.

Typical of Progressive initiatives, there’s no acknowledgment that perhaps the system is flawed. Instead we’re just told to accept the premise as if it’s immutable. “That’s just the way things are. We have to deal with it.” It’s an attempt to place man-made constructions on the same level as natural law. Progressive ideas have little relation to or basis in the way things actually work, so they can’t effectively address problems. By distracting people from that fact, they can portray themselves as doers and fixers when in fact they are neither.

Snow Days

Where I live we’ll usually get one or two light snows annually, usually after the first of the year and prior to March. Our last big snow was in February 2014. We’ve had two snows this month: the first a few days ago which didn’t stick, and today, which did. More is forecast for the middle of next week. I’m reminded of December 2009 when it wouldn’t stop snowing, and we had 12″ – 14″ on the ground by month’s end. I prefer snow to stay in the mountains where it belongs, and where I can visit it if so inclined.






  1. Blair– Good stuff.

    I’ve been helping a neighbor (80-something) of mine with open-enrollment for her new Medicare supplement-plan, and was introduced to all this stuff as it applies to already retired folks on Medicare.
    -She had a BC/BS “Medicare legacy-plan” which had cost her $122/month. BC/BS under an agreement with the State of Michigan, had frozen that price since the mid 1980’s– truly gold plated insurance, covered 100% of whatever Medicare didn’t pay.
    Specifically because of the ACA, –BC/BS has cancelled all those plans as of December 31st, and re-priced them at $266/month.
    BC/BS offers a new Plan at $37/month, but– the deductible is $3,500, and with co-pays for every service. (every single service)
    The only other plan they offer for Medicare-supplement, is $177/month + a “$183” deductible– (sounds good, but the Plan doesn’t include her regular set of providers, it’s “cheap” for a reason.)
    –There are something like 90,000 elderly retired folks who are in this boat, in Michigan, at this time, all of whom were scrambling to sign up for something before the deadline last week.
    It’s no accident, that this didn’t kick in until AFTER the election.

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