Posted by: bkivey | 20 March 2017

Nowhere To Go but Down

After sweeping defeats in the 2014 elections the Democratic Party decided that the time was ripe to mobilize the Army of the Disaffected. Eighty years in the making through the Progressive Balkanization of American society, the Democratic feudal lords leadership launched a massive media offensive mainstreaming the marginal. The interval between the mid-terms and the Presidential election often felt like society was being sucked into a black hole of irrationality. This wasn’t really an illusion, as the self-proclaimed Party of Anyone But Straight White Males used the Ministry of Truth mass media to pound home the message that America was fundamentally flawed and the whole thing needed to go.

As the election neared the Left threw all their cards on the table. No more pretending to love or even like the country: it was full-on hate and if you didn’t agree you were an ‘-ist’. Dissenters would at least be intimidated into silence. It is a Progressive axiom that politics is personal so any dissension is an attack on the person. Thought crime is hate crime.

When you throw down, people can see what you have, and while the Democrats told everyone they held four aces everyone else saw a queen-high flush. People asked themselves after six years of Democratic power and fundamental changes in the way Americans lived; why was it that society was more fractious than any time since the early 70’s?  Why after decades of Progressive media and academic control were people so unhappy? A President had been elected on a promise of inclusiveness and it had been nothing but divide, divide, divide since. For many people there was a growing divide between propaganda and reality and on Election Day they voted accordingly. The US has not yet reached the societal Stage III cancer of entrenched Socialism.

The Democrats and their Coalition of Victims had their Wile E. Coyote off-the-cliff moment as the sure thing became no thing. The resulting power vacuum imploded the Democratic Party with the sound of failed aspirations; carried live as they happened.

Progressives in the United States have some serious problems. They failed to take, and likely entrench, power at the height of their influence in US history. Much more damaging is the fact that they went all in, to the extent that their Presidential candidate called more than half the populace ‘deplorables’ in a campaign speech. Now many eyes have opened to the fact the Left is about power and control. It’s fitting that the people claiming to speak for the marginal have marginalized themselves.

NCAA Basketball

I enjoy ‘March Madness’. Mostly as a sports fan, because the men’s cagers at schools I went to don’t know from post-season. I watched South Carolina beat Duke in what’s probably the biggest upset thus far. They’ll be talking about that game in Columbia for years: beating Duke in the NCAA Tournament is how programs are made. I do wonder how it is the Gamecocks get to wear ‘Carolina’ on their jerseys. There’s only one Carolina, and it’s not in the Palmetto State.

More Basketball

I mentioned the lack of post-season appearances by my alma maters men’s teams. I give you: the Oregon State (2) women’s basketball team. They’ve been good for a while now: going to four straight Tournaments, two Sweet 16’s, and making the Final Four last year. They lost to UConn, but you have to be wearing ‘Tennessee’ on your jersey to play in that league. Gill Coliseum is less than two hours away, so I’ve seen some regular season and playoff games. Coach Scott Rueck and his staff have a team that’s disciplined and very good at exploiting defenses. They’re fun to watch, and I hope to watch for a while longer.

It’s Spring!

Yay! It’s been a cold, wet Winter this year, and happy to see the trees leafing out. It’ll rain for a few more months, but we’ve likely seen the last freezing day until next Fall.

Dr. Johnny Fever’s Rx:

Had a bad day at the office?

When you get home, cue up Montrose’ Space Station No. 5 on the stereo. You can not use crappy-ass encrypted ‘files’. They’re worse than generic drugs: they sort of sound the same but aren’t nearly as effective. And fie upon you if you’re a rock fan and do not own this album.

Raise volume as high as neighbors/ears/structure can stand.

Let that frustration out with some sweet air guitar licks while Sammy belts it.




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