Posted by: bkivey | 22 September 2017

Jeremiah 5:21

I have an acquaintance with whom I’ll take in the occasional movie, and he tends bar at one of my locals. His girlfriend requires home health care, for which he’s paid a stipend by the State. Last month he was informed that if he wanted to continue receiving the stipend, he’d have to take a 70-hour class and pass a practical test for certification.

By his account the coursework is something a reasonably intelligent person could take home and study for a couple of weeks to prepare for the exam. That is not an option. The requirement is that every person be present in class for every one of the 70 hours. I haven’t seen any material, but am reliably informed that the instruction is geared to a denominator so low as to beggar belief. He is very unhappy.

The gentleman is also a staunch Democrat, and will poor-mouth Trump and Republicans if given the slightest opportunity. His current situation was created by a Democrat-controlled Legislature making a deal with a Democrat-controlled union. I would love to point this out to him, but by tacit agreement we don’t allow politics in the relationship.

Earlier this week Ken Levine (blogroll link on right) wrote his annual self-described ‘snarky, bitchy’ review of the Emmy Award broadcast. Because of my limited exposure to popular media, I didn’t know of most of the people he referred to, but the post was entertaining. Apparently a large number of commenters thought otherwise, accusing Mr. Levine of ‘racism’ because he made fun of people of color. He was quite taken aback.

Mr. Levine’s blog is a master class in writing in general and entertainment writing in particular, and anyone wanting to ‘break in’ to the business would be well-advised to read his work. It’s also entertaining on its own. Over the last two years a couple of trends have emerged in his posts: never-ending Trump-bashing, and complaining about the ever more oppressive PC culture. Mr. Levine is a life-long Democrat who is really upset that Clinton lost.

And so it goes. In any group of people, there will be some conversations about some sort of ongoing government intrusion. For most people, it’s dealing with health insurance, or some sort of government benefit. It seems that some people spend their time sorting out their benefits. I know if you’re poor, you do spend a lot of time in government offices, or on the phone, or filling out paper work.

But it seems the general level of interference-by-others has pervaded the population. No longer is contact with government limited to specific instances, or to certain demographics, now it’s everyone, and the people who voted for it don’t like it, or the attendant hysteria that is the hallmark of the modern Left.

On the one hand, there’s a certain smug Schadenfreude among those who understand something of human nature, but on the other hand there’s the recognition that a society in which a large percentage of the population cannot recognize or take responsibility for the results of their actions has fatal problems.

Votes count in Western societies, and voting is how people change social reality. There is a direct connection between voting for Democrat policies and the growing inhospitality of modern life. The supporters of those policies are increasingly inconvenienced by them, yet they do not see, or are willfully ignorant of, the blindingly obvious.

This is the world you voted for. Why are you complaining?





  1. Blair–
    Good stuff!

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