Posted by: bkivey | 11 June 2018

Things Do In Las Vegas Deux

Waking up feeling a bit more refreshed, I got dinner in one of the resort bars. The prices weren’t unreasonable, and the food was decent. The deviled eggs came in fried tempura. I ordered a Coke.

The Stanley Cup Finals were on, and Las Vegas had Golden Knight fever. ‘Go Knights Go’ was everywhere. Judging by the statue in front of Caesars Palace, Ol’ Julius played in goal. Unfortunately the Caps won. I watched the game, and the Knights had their chances. The Capitals goal must have had puck magnets in the pipes, because that’s where the Knights shots went. Not one break was to be had. The Knights are good enough to win the Cup, but not this year, I fear.

My motivation for coming to Las Vegas was to see the resorts on the Strip. I most wanted to see the Bellagio resort, at 1.6B the most expensive hotel in the world when built. Yep, I was the rube from Ore-e-gon.

I’d discovered that the gaming floor actually took up a relatively small portion of a typical resort. The themed resorts, some quite elaborate, used space for recreation of a themed shopping mall. A typical resort would have a courtyard, in some cases an environment, and the lobby, which would lead to the mall or gaming floor. There might be some exhibit space, and guest services, elevator lobby, pool and parking access rounding out the floor plan. Most of the properties are connected by underground shopping corridors, so outside crossing S. Las Vegas Blvd. you don’t have to go outside much.

The Strip proper is a bit over 4 miles long, and besides the Monorail there is double-decker bus service (The Deuce), city bus service, and a whole lot of taxis. Or you can rent a limo curbside. No waiting. I considered buying a day-pass for the Monorail, but after looking at the resorts I wanted to visit, it appeared walking was the way to go.

I’d made a list of resorts to visit, and had to winnow that a bit. I’d already seen the adjoining Paris, so I headed out onto the Strip and turned North.

The first property was the Venetian. This is a Venice-themed resort with a gondola lagoon:

You can ride the gondolas, although apparently not far. Madame Tussauds is on site:

Also at the Venetian:

Next was the Wynn Las Vegas:

This is one of those properties with an environment. The space between the street and the front door is a little forest. It’s rather nice. I talked to a gentleman who’d lived in Vegas for 20 years and he told me about Steve Wynn. Steve Wynn is a developer who defined the high-end resort in Las Vegas. His properties have included the Wynn Las Vegas, the Encore, Bellagio, and Golden Nugget. In a luxury environment, Wynn properties stand out. If you have a choice, stay at one of these places. They are nice.

The Wynn has a dancing fountain:

The jets are choreographed to music. The Bellagio has the far more famous and elaborate display, and I saw a couple shows. I couldn’t get good pictures, because the Bellagio’s shows are very popular, and you have to get there early enough to line the rail if you want pictures. The shows are impressive and fun.

The Wynn was as far North as I wanted to go. There are other interesting places further along, but only so much time. Along with the Stratosphere, this property anchors the North end:

I chuckled when I saw this, but it does give a slight feeling of a modern dystopia to have a sitting President’s name emblazoned on a Las Vegas hotel like some Bacchanalian Eye of Sauron.

The entrance to the Fashion Show resort. The columns feature wrap-around video screens:

Treasure Island resort is next door. The resort has gotten away from their initial pirate theme, but there’s still a lagoon with a pirate ship in front. Inside from a local builder:

I do not remember which resort this is, but it was pretty:

I believe this is the entrance to the Mirage. It’s a sort of biodome. The Mirage has a lagoon with a volcano in front. The volcano is supposed to ”erupt’ on the hour, but I never saw it. It was a bit disappointing.

Siegfried and Roy:

Now this is a sports bar, me son:

Even fast food is fancy on the Strip:

Canopy over an outdoor mall. The whole thing is a display:

Standing in front of Bellagio looking across the street. The Paris is on the right, and there’s an elevator to the observation deck on top of the Eiffel Tower. The balloon is 3D, and appears to resemble the Mongolfier brothers balloon when they made the first piloted flight in 1783. The Las Vegas Ferris wheel ‘High Roller’ is on the left, and you can see how the lighting makes it appear to be a wheel suspended in mid-air. It takes 30 minutes to complete a revolution. I stayed at Ballys.

And the Arc de Triumph:

On to the Bellagio. The lobby:

There are Cartier and Gucci stores in the lobby, and they actually feel a bit downscale in these surroundings.

The Conservatory:

The Cosmopolitan entrance with video panels:

Cosmopolitan lobby:

I believe this is the entrance to the Mandarin. There is water flowing over the walls.

Lighted trees. The lights flash in random patterns.

I do not know what this wooden structure is supposed to evoke, but it is unusual. There’s restaurant seating in the middle section.

NY NY resort:

At lower left you can see pedestrian bridges and stairs. The major intersections are all so equipped.



The only functional actual one-armed bandits I saw:

The Excalibur:

The Luxor resort:

And looking North up the Strip:

Well, the hotel is easy to find. That’s enough walking for one night.





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